Cousin Pascal provided a 66-1 shock in the Rose Paterson Randox – Foxhunters – Open Huntersâ ???? Chase to Aintree

James King – winning the race for the second time â ???? led the outsider formed by Joe Oâ ???? Shea to a surprise result on the Grand National fencing, as amateur runners were greeted at one of their big races of the year after Covid-19 restrictions eased

There was a drama at the first closing when Kashmir Peak and Dashing Perk fell, while Risk And Roll was another casualty at the start

Cousin Pascal has always been close to the rhythm with Golden Tobouggan, Some Man and Cat Tiger with the leaders

There were many with chances as they crossed the Melling road with two fences to jump in

Latenightpass held a narrow lead but cousin Pascal had the far rail to assist him and crossed the line two and a half lengths above this rival Cat Tiger had three and a quarter lengths back in third and a nose ahead of Clondaw Westie in fourth

Oâ ???? Shea revealed his ambition was to have a winner over the iconic Grand National fences since he’d snuck into Aintree as a boy to watch the race in 1976 Oâ ???? Shea, whose court is just an hour from the track, was a teenager when he watched Rag Trade win the world’s biggest steeplechase 45 years ago and that day swore he would one day be in the saddle a winner on the famous course

After cousin Pascal and jockey James King helped turn that dream into reality by winning the 2m 5f competition, he said: “We are local – we are based in Nantwich, Cheshire I am a boy from Manchester, really; moved to the countryside

My dream, ever since I snuck in to watch Rag Trade win the National 1976, I had just left school – I said I’m going to go there to form a winner on these national fences I didn’t want to no license [training], i had never been interested, i’m happy with what i’m doing, train pointers

But I came so close in this race Cottage Oak was fine and finished fifth and Lilbitluso had an accident while doing great at the Canal Turn two years ago

I have to admit this horse has improved so much since he arrived – I have never seen a horse improve so much in my life He was from Ireland, the cheapest horse I have ever been partner – we would spend more on champagne in a weekend than it cost

– I think the bill to have it checked was more than it cost! But it never stopped improving and the other day, this time last week, I worked it with a young girl we think about a lot, and the girl beat him

– I was scratching my head – I thought either the girl was something special or we have a problem The girl came out and won her young girl by the bridle so I knew everything was fine for today I have supported him and supported him, and every time I have supported him – kind of like the Irish national winner – every time I have supported him he has come out, so I have him again supported We will do our job well

When I spoke to the owner before launching the jockey, I said, “Let’s enjoy today, it might be a bit quick for him, but we” I’ll be back next year and we’ll do the job right, because I thought it lacked pace at the start

– All he does is stay, and I said to the jockey, ‘get the best start you can, because nothing will come any quicker’, so once he gets there at the turn at home on Melling Road I thought there was only one winner now Thanks to Aintree for putting it – we love this place

– When Bet365 puts my money into my account tonight, it will be spent tomorrow on beer – we’ll celebrate it as it should It took me 30 years to do it – it could take me another 30 yearsâ ?? ??

King, partner of his second race winner after Dineur in 2007, said: “The first one didn’t really sink but I will certainly enjoy this one a lot more. He said don’t miss the start and don’t give up and you would finish quickly at the end and his instructions turned out to be correct

– I couldn’t believe the start I got with about 20 riders lined up side by side I thought they were going to gallop hellishly over the top four Jack Andrews and I got off to a great start – we went down into the second positive phase and that’s where I really stayed in the foreground

â ???? I sat well inside and he is a very nimble, nimble horse that was very well groomed I was able to give him a good tour of the Canal Turn and he jumped well from there It’s great It didn’t sink the first time, but the second time it means a lot more After the race he said “brilliant” and his pre-race instructions were: “Take a ride” and i hope i did that ????

Tom Ellis, finalist Latenightpass trainer said: “It was absolutely brilliant I calved this horse the night before my only lap here, when I finished third, and it got better with every season It’s a dream come true to have one as good as him

– We’ve done everything with him so far, making him climb the ranks, and run as well as him when the fourth at Cheltenham was fantastic It was a bit of an afterthought to be honest, but I think next year we’re going to skip Cheltenham and train him for it. He barely has 16 hands so not that big, but he loved it and we will definitely be back…

Jockey Gina Andrews, Ellis’ wife, added: “It was great It went really well He made a big mistake in the third-last but I don’t think it made me feel cost I thought I won it when I beat David (Maxwell) but then James (King) came up with a little wet sail late and there was nothing more we could doat ????

Cat Tiger third house rider David Maxwell commented: “It was awesome, he’s a cute little horse He jumped like a rabbit and made an error of about five outs, but he jumped brilliantly apart from that and just didn’t come home Maybe he just used a little bit of the juice he needed (with this error), but it was awesome ????

Trainer Paul Nicholls added: “He ran really well He made a horrible mistake towards the fourth-last which obviously didn’t help his cause and he probably happened shortly after the tanking David was brilliant though and next year that will be his only goal

– Told him slower terrain would help him a bit as he was almost flat most of the time, then he got on really well and got into the kind of horse that will give David a good spin for the next couple of years He bought it for this race and next year we will be taking the same kind of road and it was just a great raceâ ????

Rose Paterson

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