Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, today urged all Londoners to continue to follow lockdown rules to ensure all restrictions the capital can be lifted by June 21, as the Prime Minister underlined last night

Surge testing teams were in New Addington today after the detection of the South African covid variant

“The recent reduction in the number of cases in our city is due to the heroic efforts of Londoners to stay home and play by the rules,” said Mayor Khan

“But even with the deployment of the vaccine, we are not out of the woods yet. For now, the rules remain the same

“We must continue to stay at home, stop the spread of this virus and help ease the pressure on our NHS Our lives and livelihoods depend on it”

The mayor was speaking on the day “surge tests” began in New Addington to deal with possible cases of the South African variant of covid-19, and when Croydon Police released footage of arrests at a barber shop in West Croydon, where a party of dozens took place in the wee hours of Saturday morning

“Dozens of people present were all denounced for fines, including the organizer of the event,” police said on social media

“The rules for covid-19 are in place for a reason – to protect us all Please follow them”

Yesterday marked the 15th day in a row the number of reported covid-19 infections in Croydon was below 100 – one day on February 15 the numbers were as low as 41, well down from at the top of 837 of the “second peak” reached on January 8

The reduction in the number of cases reported in Croydon is consistent with the drop in infections reported in the capital

Last night, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, described a gradual easing of the lockdown over the next four months, his so-called ‘road map’, saying he will focus on ‘data and not dates “A total of 120,757 people in the UK have died from coronavirus in the past year, one of the worst death rates in the western world

Covid cases will need to fall to extremely low levels in central London before the current home counseling work is scrapped, which the government says it will consider as part of a review before June 21, date of stage 4 where almost all restrictions could be lifted

In London, according to the Evening Standard, “thousands of businesses are struggling to survive and tens of thousands of jobs are at risk due to the ‘digging’ of the city center with so few commuting to work”

Last night Johnson said he was “very confident” that all restrictions on normal life in England would end on June 21, saying the government would continue to provide economic support to businesses until ‘they can function normally – which seems to confirm that many financial services packages will be extended in the Chancellor’s budget next month

“There will obviously be changes because of how the economy has evolved naturally,” he said “What we’re going to do is continue to put our arms around everyone in the country to care for them throughout the pandemic, as we have done

“Obviously nothing can be guaranteed and it all depends on how we continue to be careful and follow directions every step of the way,” Johnson said

Pinning his own political hopes and the health of the nation on the vaccine rollout, Johnson said, “Really, because of the immense possibilities of the deployment, because science has given us this way of shielding it around. of our population, we can really look at this date of June 21 with some optimism. I am very optimistic that we can make it happen “

Facing criticism from some Tory MPs on the pace of change, Johnson said he hoped all legal checks could be removed by the deadline set in his four-step plan

Londoners are only asked to leave their homes for limited reasons such as shopping, going to work, seeking medical assistance or avoiding domestic violence

According to government advice, residents of New Addington and Fieldway should further limit the time they spend away from home due to the current testing regime for the South African variant of covid-19

The number of covid positive cases in Croydon has been dropping since January but still has not dropped below 40 per day

The government has announced a roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions in England There will be no more levels Instead, England will be under a new national system

Social gatherings outside with one other person will be allowed Until then, it’s illegal and you can still only meet another person outside once a day for exercise

/ p>

We all have to stay home until at least March 29 – it’s the law

You can meet in groups of up to six outdoors or as two whole households This includes a meeting in private gardens

You should always stay local as much as possible Overnight stays will still not be allowed

Outdoor sports facilities like tennis and basketball courts will reopen, and organized sports for adults and children, like grassroots football, will also return

Restaurants, pubs and cafes may reopen for alfresco dining in England no earlier than April 12

Hospitality establishments could start serving a limited number of customers in dining rooms no earlier than May 17

A limited number of football and rugby fans could be allowed to return to the stadiums to see their teams play again by the end of the season If the trials are successful, “up to 10,000 people or 25% of total seating capacity, whichever is less ”will be allowed in stadiums for sporting events, but not before May 17th

This could mean crowds (albeit very small) on football pitches for the final round of Premier League games on May 23

Every five weeks the government will review whether the current situation has passed a series of four tests This will determine if we can take the next step and see more restrictions lifted

Today Mayor Khan said: ‘Even though coronavirus cases continue to decline and more than 7 million Londoners have had their first vaccine, it is understandable that the Prime Minister is taking a cautious approach

“I welcome the publication of the roadmap, which shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and provides more information to Londoners on what the next few months could look like if we keep doing progress to reduce the spread of the virus

“This has to be the last lockdown Londoners and Brits have to endure We just can’t risk lifting restrictions entirely too soon, which would lead to an increase in cases and new mutations in the virus, which would jeopardize the entire roadmap and our economic recovery

“For now the rules remain the same We must continue to stay at home, stop the spread of this virus and help ease the pressure on our NHS Our lives and livelihoods depend on it”

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