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The benefits of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine continue to outweigh the risks for most people, the UK medicines watchdog said, as European regulators ruled that the unusual blood clots were ” very rare side effects ”of the vaccine

A review by the European Medicines Agency’s safety committee concluded on Wednesday that “unusual blood clots with low blood platelet counts should be listed as very rare side effects” of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine

Emer Cooke, executive director of the EMA, said his review “confirmed that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the overall prevention of Covid-19 outweigh the risk of side effects,” adding: “The vaccination is extremely important to help us in the fight against Covid-19 “

In the UK, the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said the vaccine still had huge benefits in preventing Covid-19 and serious illness

However, due to the very low number of blood clots in young people, those under 30 will be offered Pfizer or Moderna instead.

As of March 31, the MHRA has received 79 reports of blood clots with low platelet counts, all from people who received their first dose of the vaccine

Of these 79 people, a total of 19 people have died, although the cause has not been established in all cases

Fourteen out of 19 cases were cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), a specific type of clot that prevents blood from flowing from the brain

The MHRA concluded that the risk balance for the vaccine is “very favorable for the elderly” but more finely balanced for the younger groups

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government believed the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine to be ‘safe’, telling reporters on a visit to Cornwall: ‘But the bottom line for everyone is to listen to what that scientists, medical experts have to say later today “

He added of the immunization program: “You can really start to see some of the benefits of this – it’s pretty clear that the drop in the number of deaths, the drop in the number of hospitalizations is fueled, is being assisted. , the slope of this decline is facilitated by the roll-out of the vaccines, so it is very important that everyone continues to receive your second vaccine when you are asked to present yourself “

Over 20 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have now been administered in the UK, saving around 6,000 lives

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