Budget airline has announced the launch of a collection of online video courses, to help parents still juggling home schooling and other commitments

Pilots face new ‘easyJet Flightsize’ initiative and created online lesson program that includes elements of basic geography, science and demystifying the magic of flight

The collection of bite-size video lessons for elementary school children ages 7-10 is designed to help parents keep kids engaged and entertained at home until at least March 8, when English schools must reopen

With the pilots, Captain Iris de Kan and Captain Brij Kotecha, topics include “How planes fly”, “Why weather is important” and “How do pilots know where they are going?”

The video series uses a mix of animation and flight instruction to help young children understand the science of flight – how wings, thrust, drag and lift allow planes to fly

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Additional lessons cover cloud formations and the impact of wind on flight, as well as a look behind the cockpit door at the controls of an airplane

When classes can return to class, easyJet will launch a virtual pilot school visits program to continue to inspire the next generation of pilots

Johan Lundgren, general manager of easyJet, said: “We know it’s not easy for parents to have to balance home schooling and work during lockdown, which is why they are always looking for more exciting ways to keep their kids busy and entertained in what we hope will be the last step in home schooling

“I am delighted that our pilots and easyJet, as an airline, can provide a little help and I hope the children will enjoy learning from our fantastic pilots all about the way planes fly as well as about behind the scenes of what being a pilot is like with these lessons from Flightsize “

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Captain Iris de Kan, an easyJet pilot in Flightsize classes, added: “As parents we know how stressful it is to try to balance home schooling and child care. ‘kids with everything else right now So we’re here to help with our easyJet Flightsize educational lessons, to keep the kids entertained and entertained at home

“And once schools are able to return to class, we look forward to launching our virtual pilot school tours”


World news – UK – Pilots stand up to easyJet initiative to help parents in difficulty

Source: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/pilots-front-easyjet-home-schooling-19886734