The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has listed the days banks will remain closed in March 2021

Reserve Bank of India puts its public holidays under three brackets – Holidays under the Tradable Instruments Act; Holidays under the Tradable Instruments Act and real-time gross settlement holidays; and closing of bank accounts

It should be noted that public holidays vary by state, and it is also not observed by all banking companies It also depends on the observation of festivals in specific states or notification of specific occasions in these states

The public holidays of the mentioned days will be observed in various regions depending on the state of the declared holidays, however for the published holidays banks will be closed throughout the country

Customers are advised to plan their banking work accordingly, in order to avoid any last minute problems

Public holidays 2021

News from the world – GB – Bank holiday March 2021: banks will remain closed for 5 days this month, here are the dates