The Hoops fell to a second loss of the season against Ross County in Dingwall as the Rangers’ title win at Celtic Park drew near

It was another painful night for Celtic fans as the Hoops fell to defeat what used to be Scottish Premiership backyard club Ross County

A powerful header from Jordan White was enough to ensure the three points stay in the Highlands in another night of pain for Neil Lennon

The Hoops have now lost 43% of their set-high set goals, the league’s highest, despite spending heavily to snatch Shane Duffy from Brighton

This means the Rangers need just seven points to clinch their first title in a decade and kill Lennon’s dreams of 10 dead in a row

And even more painfully, if his team wins their next two games, chances are their bitter rivals could rub salt in further injuries by getting the silverware during their March visit to Celtic Park.

“When you look at the play Celtic had more possession, good movement, decent passes and created more than enough chances but didn’t take any chances, didn’t hit the target

“He didn’t have a bad game, but he was sometimes the culprit who didn’t hit the target and he has three forwards sitting on the bench at the start of the game

“Okay, he brings in Griffiths and that’s when the play was really tight in the box with almost 20 players and the opportunities don’t present themselves for Griffiths or Edward at this point- the

“It’s really, really, really disappointing, but you can’t take anything away from Ross County because they worked their socks off

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“They can’t defend set pieces and also tonight they couldn’t score, they couldn’t put the ball in the net

“The fans were clinging to some kind of hope, but now it’s totally gone And that’s the huge disappointment And now there are big questions Where do we go from here? is the next step? “

“Neil himself knows he’s probably on probation, he’s almost trying to gain some credibility with the team and himself by getting some sort of streak of results by the end of the season

“That’s what he wanted by the end of the season, not to get beaten while he’s in office Now that they’ve lost again to Ross County, all these questions are going to be asked again, social media is going to go crazy again It’s all about leadership and fans will ask them what they’re gonna do There’s no point in asking Neil Lennon because I’m sure he doesn’t know

“If Neil Lennon leaves at the end of the season, I’ll tell you what – they have a restructuring job

“It happens at a stadium The Rangers are so far ahead and not just in points but in personnel, with a mentality, with the structure of the club

“They have to put a structure in place and they have to nail it down because if they don’t they could run a few years without a title

They have to nail down a football manager, they also have to appoint a recruiting leader and a scout leader and if they want to change, they also need a top manager

“These four positions have to be there, otherwise Rangers could race like Celtic did”

“Looking back on those last five wins, they’ve played that diamond midfielder, but they’ve played up two other than a game against St Johnstone where they faced Christie against Edward

“The other games they had two in mind, they really started and threatened and they scored early: in all of those games they scored in the first half hour

“It changes the dynamics of the game, and I’m surprised it took Neil Lennon about 70 minutes to change the game, to put Leigh Griffiths – to do something to change the dynamics

“Ross County was in their shape, they were comfortable, they knew what they were doing They (Celtic) had to do something to disrupt that and it took them too long to recognize it “

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