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Four senior officials from Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon ​​Borough Council received funding packages totaling more than £ 100,000 in fiscal year 2019/2020, with the CEO receiving a 469% raise of salary

Taxpayers… Alliance has published a board-to-board breakdown detailing all employees whose pay exceeds £ 100,000 The rich list of the 2021 town hall

The rich list shows chief executive Roger Wilson to be the highest earner in the board, with a total pay of £ 146,388, a 469% increase over his 2019/20 earnings of £ 139,825

This is made up of a salary of £ 122,500 and £ 23,888 in pension contributions, according to The TaxPayersâ € ” Alliance

Board Site Manager Olga Murtagh and Station Manager Sharon Oâ ???? Gorman, each won £ 110,538, an increase of 042 percent on the £ 111,075 they earned in the 2018/19 tax year

The two directors received a salary of £ 92,500 and £ 18,038 in pension contributions according to figures released by The TaxPayers Alliance Compared to the 2018/19 tax year, these directors received the same salary but the amount added to their pension increased

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon ​​Borough Council performance director Sharon McNicholl earned significantly more in the 2019/20 tax year than in the year of taxation 2018/19

Taxpayers… Alliance State Ms McNicholl won £ 110,538 616% more than the £ 104,125 she received in 2018/19

She received a salary of £ 92,500 and £ 18,038 in pension contributions according to figures released by The TaxPayers Alliance

These numbers mean the board is sixth out of eleven when comparing the number of employees paid over £ 100,000

Causeway Coast and Glens Town Council pay no staff more than £ 100,000 while Mid and East Antrim Borough Council paid eight staff £ 100,000 or more, although its highest income, receive less than the head of ABC Executive, winner £ 143,450

The Town Hall Rich List is part of The TaxPayersâ ???? Alliance action to improve transparency and accountability for local authorities, by allowing the public to see exactly what senior officials in council offices across the UK are paid

All data in the post comes from advice … account statements that are publicly available, campaign group says

In Northern Ireland, the pension amounts shown are equivalent to 20 per cent or 195 per cent of the employee’s salary, in accordance with the contribution of each local authority in Northern Ireland to local government employees in North Ireland Superannuation Committee scheme

A spokesperson for Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon ​​Borough Council said: “The salary range for the CEO of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon ​​Borough Council has been set regionally by the joint negotiating committee

â ???? The strategic directorsâ ???? salaries have been independently assessed and are in line with those determined by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services

Taxpayers Alliance grassroots campaign manager Harry Fone says it is essential that taxpayers get their money’s worth

– With four senior executives receiving over £ 100,000 it is essential that taxpayers get what they pay for, â € “ he said

– Rate hikes have outpaced inflation this year and the devastating effects of the pandemic are making it difficult for many households to make ends meet

– The board must be ruthless to increase its efficiency in order to keep the bills as low as possible next yearâ € ”

The General Manager of TaxPayersâ ???? Alliance, John Oâ ???? Connell said: “Taxpayers want to know they are getting value for their money with the leadership of their local authority

â ???? At the start of the coronavirus crisis, thousands of city hall officials were bringing in huge sums of money As councils were immersed in the fight against the pandemic, many staff members will have more than deserved their livelihood, but households have nonetheless struggled

These figures highlight the bosses of the town hall who have understood and will allow residents to take into account those who do not bring their money backat ????


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