When you sit down to do most of the interviews you don’t expect to be talking about alien penises, but most of the people interviewed aren’t Justin Roiland

Roiland is best known for helping co-creating pop culture juggernaut Rick and Morty, as well as loaning out his vocal talents to the titular chefs, but he also helped create the sci-fi cartoon sensational Solar Opposites which finally crashed – landed in UK

Solar Opposites tells the story of refugee aliens Korvo, Terry, and their replicant children Yumyulack and Jesse, who are forced to live on Earth after their world, Shlorp, is destroyed by an asteroid. It’s basically The Odd Couple if Felix and Oscar were aliens and had access to a retractable beam

“The original idea was just the title and some sort of weird alien couple on Earth,” Roiland told UNILAD when we asked where the original idea for the show came from. “It’s something I invented in 2006, but I didn’t do anything and just forgot about it”

So what kept the show from being trapped forever in a desk drawer? Step into Rick and Morty, writer Mike McMahan, who helped Roiland turn the idea of ​​his basic treatment into a full-fledged, very bizarre world

[Mike and I] were working on something completely different, and I was trying to break this other show that was a lot more grounded But while we were working on it, we were both at the same time like ‘this n’ is no fun, “and if it’s not fun now, that doesn’t bode well for the way it goes in series So we put that aside and brought up the idea of ​​aliens living on Earth, and it just exploded

It started to take shape between the two of us; they’re plant-based, they’re stuck on Earth, there are four My initial idea went as far as “Opposites Solar” and there are two aliens, and one of them is very angry and n ‘dislike Earth, and the other loved Earth, and that was all I had

So Mike and I took that and fleshed it out on a show that has a lot of potential, and you know it’s an immigrant story and that’s what we achieved in this session , that it was a fun way to do an immigrant story through the eyes of aliens because it allows you to go crazy and you can have a lot of fun with the human culture that we know very well but which is foreign to them, there is a lot of comedy that can be extracted from this

Roiland isn’t wrong and Solar Opposites is a show that’s at its best when it mixes high-level sci-fi ridicule with the everyday whether it’s using nanobots to see if their neighbors love them and accidentally create a sensitive life, or just trying to buy a jet ski, you can guarantee this alien family will find a way to wreak havoc

If we were to narrow the series down to one line, it’s probably best to describe it as Rick and Morty without the existential fear and nihilistic spirit that are such a part of this series

The decision to have more optimistic Solar Opposites felt like a conscious effort to separate him from Rick and Morty, with whom he obviously shares a lot of DNA, but Roiland denied that he was aware of it instead of. reduce to absence of two people – Rick Sanchez and Dan Harmon

Nihilism is two things, it’s Rick’s character who is defined by his nihilism, he’s dark, he’s scary, he’s unpredictable, sometimes he’s really fun, but sometimes he’s terrifying and you don’t know never what he thinks about This show has this character at heart, so it’s going to be darker

The other reason is that the show has Dan Harmon, my partner on this show, his sensitivity and mine are quite in line on this show on what we find funny and funny, but when Mike and I decided to do Solar we had a few things we wanted to do, and having fun was the number one goal

All of the characters are much lighter and there is no Rick, there is no dark toxic force at the center of this family, they are all naive and childish in some way and that gives a different tone So when we were writing it we were just like ‘let’s have fun with this and have fun with some crazy sci-fi stuff’

The absence of “Rick” actually breathes a lot of life into the show because there is never anyone totally in control; Instead, Solar feels more chaotic and frenzied because you don’t really have any authority that you know will save the day, but it also allows the show to tell stories that Rick and Morty probably couldn’t. not

However, you shouldn’t think, just because he’s more interested in having fun than exploring the concept of existentialism, that Solar is doing well when it comes to content for adults

This is possibly the most gorged cartoon we’ve ever seen, with at least one character in each episode being reduced to a bunch of meaty viscera.The tongue is also coarser and a lot more in tune with whatever thing like South Park as the relatively PG Rick and Morty

Also, just because Solar Opposites isn’t really interested in exploring them doesn’t mean that there aren’t any layers in the series and that it has something to say as Roiland says he and McMahan designed the show as an immigrant story, but there are other ways to read it

Personally, we thought the show was an allegory for an LGBTQ family moving into a conservative neighborhood, and the suspicion that aliens face was a metaphor for the daily injustices these families face. After all, Korvo and Terry have great energy from Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and they sleep in the same bed

Listen, there is a lot going on in the show because they are aliens you can tell all those stories on this show As your interpretation isn’t necessarily wrong it’s not what we thought in and of itself, but now that you say it, it’s a deeper meaning that you can glean from the series for sure

Our main focus with the show is to have fun and tell crazy, funny stories, we certainly don’t think about those things too deeply outside of immigrant history, being a fish out of water and be very different

This is a very interesting interpretation and it is not wrong, and we are flirting with who Terry and Korvo are – they live in the same house, they sleep in the same bed, they see the relationships as humans have, in them world, they are all the same sex and asexual It is interesting that you talk about this because there is a bit of that, it just wasn’t intentional or at least I didn’t think about it, but it ‘is pretty cool actually

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it was this discussion that brought us to the biggest reveal of our interview – neither Korvo nor Terry have a penis… you are welcome, Internet

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