Following the elimination of last week’s shock, eight couples remained in contention for the Glitterball Who lit up the dance floor, and who will walk away tomorrow night?

And it’s over for another week of dancing! I’ll be back at 7 a.m. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. for the Results Show, when we show the door to another couple Who will it be?

Thanks for all of your comments, which I’m ready to read now, and sorry for the bingo. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

So it’s over for the dance, and the vote is OPEN! Cowboy hats everywhere, keep drinking

Time to recap – Lackpool definitely delivered despite the crazy score, my favorites being Bill and Oti and Ranvir and Giovanni I also voted for Clara because if she’s into the dance she might be out, and then I will have to cancel Christmas

Tonight’s Ranking – Jamie and Karen at the top, Clara and Aljaz at the bottom This scoreboard is an absolute parody, can we all please save Clara and Bill from the dance? How did Clara go from top to bottom in a week?

Scores: 8,9,10 – a total of 27 for Ranvir and Giovanni BOISSON We need the fluids, which put me in my female detection zones

Anton was fully captured, he had wonderful intensity and was absolutely beautiful Craig wanted a straight leg in the slit but the detail was fantastic Shirley got pretty hot under the collar – Ranvir was very feminine but extremely powerful It was hot and sensational and Ranvir was fabulous

All I ask of Ranvir and Giovanni is a weekly dose of dirt, and that’s exactly what it is Ranvir looks like an absolute goddess and has fully captured the vibe and intensity of this dance Beautiful timing and incredible confidence of Ranvir, absolutely loved it This END I need to lie down

And finally it’s RANVIR AND GIOVANNI! This week they’re dancing the first Argentine tango of the season, to Prince’s “When Doves Cry” The tango bar for this song is incredibly high – Kimberley and Pasha, Jay and Aliona – and that’s before we get close. from the legendary Argentinian Rachel and Vincent It’s a HUGE request, but I can’t help but think that Giovanni wouldn’t have gone unless I was absolutely convinced that Ranvir could deliver

Shirley although it was fun and Caroline has the best flow, it was very entertaining Anton if it was happy, and that’s the way to make a Cha Cha Craig loved it – it was cheeky and cheesy Are the judges on crack, or is it me?

Caroline looks feathery and fabulous in scarlet, and I’m very present for Fireman Johannes It’s a side we’ve never seen of Caroline before, and I love ‘drunk at a wedding’

That said, the footwork is a bit chaotic and it relies entirely on characterization and her ability to sell it It was… something

Only two left! Then it’s CAROLINE AND JOHANNES! This week they’re dancing the Cha Cha Cha to Fontella Bass’s “Rescue Me.” The judges have been asking Caroline to be less primitive and appropriate for weeks now, and this dance is truly a chance for her to let her hair down and to give him good I hope she has shot a vodka red bull and a sambuca hunter and is ready to shake it up, because at this point in the competition, maybe that is the only thing saving this partnership

Scores: 8.9.9 – a total of 26 for HRVY and Janette They both looked shocked We’re All Girls

Craig noticed the mistakes and had awesome drama Shirley was impressed with how HRVY overcame the mistakes and his cadre has the most fantastic potential even though he wasn’t quite there today ‘ hui Anton loved the choreography and HRVY did it beautifully

Anton is a lot less restless and more constructive tonight In fact, I really enjoy him as a judge

Oh yeah, it’s right on my street, even though HRVY’s tango face smells of Norman wisdom about it Good handling in grip, nice footwork and good attack, although a few mistakes Great job , HRVY

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