World Book Day 2021: When is the charity event, what is this year’s theme and costume ideas for the lockdown

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Dedicated to the celebration of reading, World Book Day is an annual event that allows children from across the country to dress up as their favorite characters

The day pays tribute to the authors, their books and the quirky characters who strike the imagination of schoolchildren all year round

So what is it, how do you get involved and is there a theme this year? All your questions answered below

Today’s version, in general, is a day of the year that inspires young people to discover the pleasure of reading

Its origins come from Spain where the writer Vicente Clavel Andrés wanted to honor the author Miguel de Cervantes on his birthday and the day of his death

A branch of the United Nations – UNESCO – specializing in promoting world peace through education has taken up the idea and spread the word around the world

In the UK, every child in full-time school receives a £ 1 voucher to spend on books, or can exchange their voucher for one of the specially produced £ 1 books

The day has evolved over time, placing its weight behind various initiatives such as Spread The Word, Quick Reads and Books for Hospitals, since its introduction

World Book Day is a charity funded by publishers and booksellers, which encourages schools to organize special fundraising events for children, activities derived from National Book Tokens

The date is significant because it marks the deaths of Cervantes and William Shakespeare, as well as the birth or death of several other prominent authors

After three years, the UK and Ireland decided to localize the World Book Day theme to make it more relevant and accessible to children in their own schools

“We wanted to do something to reposition reading and our message is the same today as it was then – that reading is fun, relevant, accessible, exciting and has the power to transform lives”, said the founder of World Book Day Baroness Gail Rebuck

The day will continue despite restrictions placed on schools during the Covid pandemic, with the charity working with nurseries and schools to provide print and digital book tokens

To embrace the distance learning that so many people still grapple with across the country, the charity decided to start a World Book Day book club and share a story

The charity will be hosting live events, named Share a Story, and interactive book club sessions to try to encourage even more kids to pick up a book or start reading for fun

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World Book Day has once again partnered with Nielsen Book to offer a selection of books available for just £ 1

These books include Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa, There a Wolf in Your Book, Luna Loves World Book Day, Protect The Planet, Skysteppers, Football School: 20 Fantastic Football Stories and Skulduggery Pleasant

For the full list, please visit the World Book Day website where you can find out how to register for a book or £ 1 tokens

Costumes have grown in popularity over the years and come in many different forms – let your favorite character be your inspiration

There are however characters that never fail to disappoint, including Harry Potter and his Hogwarts friends, Matilda, Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

World Book Day 2021

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