There are seven public holidays coming up the rest of the year – here’s how they line up with the dates of Boris Johnson’s Latest Announcement

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The Prime Minister’s latest announcement offered some light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel

And with the end in sight, UK residents have already started to think about planning for the future

In just a few months, the government sketched out the possibility that we could finally reunite with loved ones inside and out – and even see nightclubs reopening by the end of June.

With that in mind, many people are wondering how the national holidays of 2021 will align with Boris Johnson’s exit strategy so that we can make the most of the celebrations

Fortunately, there are seven holidays to look forward to during the rest of the year

And at the end of 2021, two Christmas holidays will of course fall in December

Below, we’ve listed each upcoming holiday as well as the stage of Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown that the date corresponds to

By the two Easter holidays, the first step on Johnson’s roadmap, which begins March 8, will already be in place

Outdoor recreational activities between two people – for example, sitting down for a coffee or a picnic in the park – will again be allowed

We will also be able to enjoy outdoor meetings with up to six people or two households, and see the reopening of outdoor sports facilities, and organized sport and trips outside local areas will be allowed again. this will have been introduced as part of step 1 from March 29

By the two May holidays, the earliest possible date for stage 2 of Johnson’s roadmap will have passed

This means that by April 12, we could see the reopening of non-essential businesses, personal care facilities, outdoor hospitality areas and indoor recreation areas, including gymnasiums and swimming pools

The earliest date Stage 3 might fall is May 17 – after the early May holiday, but in time for the spring holiday on May 31

Six people or two households will be able to meet inside and hospitality inside and hotels will be open again

By the August holiday, the earliest possible date for the fourth stage of the government’s roadmap, June 21, will have passed

In step 4, all legal limits on social contacts will be removed and the remaining closed sectors of the economy will hopefully reopen

By our December holidays, if all goes according to plan, residents of the UK will be able to enjoy the Christmas season with their families as they would have enjoyed before the pandemic

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