Shops, hairdressers, gyms and outdoor hospitality will reopen on April 12 in England if strict Covid conditions are met – but sporting events and entertainment venues could remain closed until early summer

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Boris Johnson unveiled Britain’s road map for recovery, with non-essential stores and businesses reopening on April 12

The PM has said a new four-step plan – subject to vaccination targets and new Covid variants – will make the lockdown easier and could end all social contact restrictions by the 21st June

However, tens of thousands of workers could be out of work without leave until early summer

According to the plan, shops, hairdressers, libraries, gymnasiums and outdoor accommodation will reopen on April 12 in England if strict conditions are met

Up to six people from separate households will also be able to meet in open-air gardens from this date

However, sporting events and live music cannot return until May 17th at the earliest

Unions said Monday’s announcement was not reassuring for workers who will not return to work on April 30 – when the time off program ends

Johnson said the government “will not pull the rug” out of people who depend on support packages, but has failed to provide an update on a potential extension

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said workers faced a significant income gap – with layoff also a threat from April 30

“Prime Minister’s plan means some businesses will not be able to reopen until the end of leave,” he said

“This leaves workers worried about their jobs and earnings in the gap – which can take months in some cases

“The government must stop procrastinating and delaying and extending the full leave program for at least the rest of 2021 And it must give urgent support to the independents

“We need a plan to support sectors of the economy hardest hit by repeated foreclosure restrictions – like hospitality, retail, aviation and the creative industries Ministers do can’t look sideways as companies break through the wall “

Think tank, according to IPPR, up to 9 million jobs could be at risk without extensive commercial support

He warned that nearly 600,000 UK businesses could collapse this spring without an urgent extension of government aid

Further research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates 45 million people – namely those working in hospitality and retail – are still on leave

Loan guarantees, business rates for vacations and time off must end April 30

He said the Chancellor must remove the impending cliff edge for existing support regimes, extending them until the economy is fully open again

Carsten Jung, Senior Economist at IPPR, said: “This is a time of great peril for more than half a million UK employers as their cash reserves are dangerously low and their businesses fail. hang by a thread

“More businesses are already at risk than at any time during the onset of the pandemic, and in hardest hit sectors such as hospitality and the arts, at least two in five employers are in the monetary danger zone

A spokesperson for the Treasury told Mirror Money that the Chancellor will issue an update on the future of the program on March 3 as part of the 2021 budget

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He said one of the main objectives will be employment to “support businesses and families across the UK”

However, he declined to speculate on a potential extension or phasing out of the program

A spokesperson for HM Treasury said: ‘We have invested more than £ 280 billion throughout the pandemic to protect millions of jobs and businesses – and have extended our self-employment programs and leave until April so people can be sure help is available place

“In the next budget we will outline the next steps in our jobs plan to support businesses and families across the UK

“This has been our priority throughout the past year and it will be the priority for the coming year”

The job retention program was first announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in March 2020 for an initial period of three months – which is expected to end in May 2020

The deadline has been extended several times since, including until October 2020 and then until December 2020

It was supposed to close in March 2021, but was extended for an additional month until April 30, 2021 after the introduction of a third mandatory lockdown

The scheme allows part-time and full-time workers to apply for a government subsidy if they cannot work their full hours

Employees can receive 80% of their current salary for hours not worked, up to a maximum of £ 2,500 Employers can supplement this amount up to 100% at their discretion

Anyone can join the program, including parents who can no longer work due to school closures

However, it is mostly in place for those who cannot work due to non-essential store and business closures

To be eligible, you must have been on your employer’s payroll by 1129h, October 30, 2020

Furlough, extended leave

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