oris Johnson will deliver his long-awaited speech on Monday, as the PM sets out his roadmap out of the lockout

For days, there is much speculation about what measures the government will take to move England away from its current coronavirus restrictions

After reviewing data on deaths, cases, hospital admissions and the effects of the vaccine rollout over the past week, Boris Johnson will call a virtual cabinet meeting on Monday morning to discuss the plan of the roadmap

Later in the afternoon, the Prime Minister will make a statement to Parliament, which will take place around 330 a.m., before holding a televised press conference at 7 p.m.

Before each new step, the government will review data relating to Covid to assess the impact of each easing

The government has previously said it will prioritize the reopening of schools, March 8 being the target date for the return of students

It is understood that as part of the first stage of easing restrictions, all schools will be open from that date, while after-school sports and outdoor activities may also restart

It is also understood that from March 8 people will be able to meet someone from a different household for a coffee or a picnic outside

From March 29, more social contact is expected to be allowed, with outdoor gatherings allowed either under the rule of six or between two households

This means that groups of up to six people from several households can meet outdoors, with a larger number allowed if the meeting is between two households only

The rule change is supposed to be timed to coincide with the start of school holidays and to allow friends and families more flexibility to meet outside where the risk of Covid transmission is lower

Yes, from March 29 it is understood that outdoor sports facilities, for example tennis or basketball courts, will reopen

Previous speculation placed non-essential shopping alongside outdoor recreation and socializing as the next targeted areas for after-school relaxation

Various reports also suggest that hospitality could return at some point between the Easter weekend and May, with an initial focus on providing outdoors

Elsewhere, it has been claimed that ministers are considering allowing people living in the same household to go on vacation together from April

More details could yet be revealed by the Prime Minister on Monday, as much will depend on the success of the vaccine rollout and the government’s ongoing assessment of data relating to Covid

The government will take into account the successful deployment of the vaccines, if there is evidence that they reduce hospitalizations and deaths, the level of infection rates and the presence of any new variant of Covid

This data will be reviewed before each step of the roadmap before measures are released further

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