The looming cyclone off the coast of Western Australia has now been joined by two other nearby tropical lows, adding to an already rare weather event

Tropical Cyclone Seroja, currently a Category 1 system, lies approximately 670 kilometers northwest of Karratha and 650 kilometers northwest of Exmouth

It is moving west-southwest at a speed of 29 kilometers per hour and is expected to strengthen to a category two or three as it moves over open water, before crossing the coast between Jurien Bay and Carnarvon late Sunday or Monday

This could result in a brief but intense period of dangerous weather conditions on the west coast, including destructive winds, very heavy precipitation and higher than normal tides

A second tropical low (known as 23U) that has formed nearby is expected to strengthen to the intensity of the cyclone, and the two systems are about to interact with each other over the next few days in a rare phenomenon known as Fujiwhara Effect

“They are their own entity, so they can interact, but they also tend to move around each other in a little dance

“You don’t duplicate the system or anything, but you get interaction between the two

“Eventually I think there will only be one left standing and it will be Seroja and it will be the one that comes down and crosses the WA coast later

Overnight, a third tropical depression moved closer to the two existing systems, but M Pusey said he was unlikely to add to the interaction

“There is a tropical depression to the west near the Cocos Islands which appears to be developing slowly at the moment and could bring some weather to the Cocos Island area over the weekend,” said he declared

James Ashley, of the office, described the situation as an extremely rare weather event, which he had not witnessed in the past two decades

“I have worked here in Perth for over 20 years and have never seen three systems so close to being cyclones at once,” he said

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has issued a warning to tourists spending school holidays in Mid West-Gascoyne and Pilbara

“We know there are many vacationers in the area and others who go there, many of whom will never have suffered a cyclone before,” said Commissioner Waters

“If you are in a tent or a caravan you are simply not protected from the destructive winds that can hit the area

“The size of this potential impact area is another reason to be prepared, as you may have to travel some distance before you are out of danger”

“We are also informing you that the Northwest Coastal Road may be closed near Minilya on Friday and you may not be able to travel south,” he said.

“Tropical Cyclone Seroja will also impact the coast the next day so you have to leave now because if you don’t leave now you will be stuck”

People living near Coral Bay and Jurien Bay have also been urged to prepare their properties for inclement weather

A Cyclone Blue Alert may be issued to people in and around Exmouth later Thursday

BOM said the southwest corner of the state, including Perth, was likely to receive rainfall associated with Tropical Cyclone Seroja over the weekend

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