New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that conditions to open non-quarantine travel with Australia “have been met”

“The Director-General of Health considers the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from Australia to New Zealand to be low now and travel without quarantine could begin safely,” she said declared Tuesday

“The Cabinet accepts this advice and is confident not only in the State of Australia, but also in our own ability to run a tour package”

She warned Australians “should plan for the possibility of travel being disrupted in the event of an outbreak”

“But for the planning ahead, we want to share as much information as possible about our decision making,” she said

“Just as we have our alert level settings for case management in New Zealand, we will also have a framework to manage an outbreak in Australia

“In many ways, we will treat Australia as a region in its own right when making decisions on restrictions”

Ms Ardern confirmed that if a case was discovered which was clearly linked to a border worker in a quarantine facility and was well contained, the journey would continue in the same way

However, if a case was discovered that was not clearly linked to the border, and a state responded with a short lockdown to identify more information, New Zealand would suspend flights from that state. in the same way it would stop entry and exit trips from an area of ​​New Zealand as if going into a complete lockdown

“If multiple cases of unknown origin were detected, we would likely suspend flights for a specified period,” Ms Ardern said

“When the trip resumes and they can return to New Zealand again, they may be asked to do one of the following four things depending on the risk Either, just watch their symptoms on their return… take a test before their departure isolate on arrival Or… in certain situations, go to managed isolation for up to 14 days “

The Morrison government announced last month that Australians would not have to request exemptions to travel to New Zealand, but would still have to be quarantined upon arrival

A one-way travel bubble in New Zealand was put in place in October, allowing New Zealanders to travel to Australians without quarantine

The suspension of this bubble on numerous occasions drew criticism from Ms Ardern, who said that such opening and closing of borders adds uncertainty to a possible round trip

Update 06/04/21: Currently Western Australia is not included in the New Zealand travel bubble, travelers entering from New Zealand will face 14 days quarantine at the hotel at their own expense For all travel restrictions in Western Australia, visit wagovau

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