The ABC has been informed that M Kelly handed in his resignation letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison at today’s party hall meeting

It is understood that he will sit at the crossbar, but will continue to provide credits to the government – meaning he will vote with the government on bills or laws related to the budget

M Kelly was recently criticized by the Prime Minister for pushing alternative therapies for COVID-19 and for spreading false information about vaccines on social media

The ABC understands that M Kelly told the party hall he didn’t want to be a distraction for the government

The move will mean the government will now have a one-seat majority in the House of Representatives, but will need to provide a president – currently Tony Smith – who will oversee the chamber

This means that the government has 75 seats out of 151, sitting on their benches, one less than what is needed for an outright majority

The President has the power to vote in the event of a tie, but Mr. Smith has previously said he would be reluctant to vote for the government in this situation

“If I would rather represent the constituents in my area and be true to the oath I took when I was sworn in as an MP, and to be able to speak frankly and without fear, I must do so from the bench , rather than government benches, ”he said

M Kelly said being dressed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently did not lead to his decision to step down

The controversial MP must have been discussed more than once by Mr. Morrison recently, after M Kelly has repeatedly posted about unproven coronavirus treatments and questioned vaccine safety on her Facebook page

The Prime Minister has made it clear that he expects the backbench MP to follow and respect the health advice of the official authorities

M Morrison said that “the government will continue to function” without M Kelly in the Liberal Party

“[Craig and I] had a chat a few weeks ago, as you know,” he said

“I set very clear standards and he made commitments that I expected to be met

“He no longer felt he could meet these commitments, but I can tell you that my standards are not changing”

The prime minister said he learned of Mr. Kelly when he announced it in the village hall

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