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Sydney Zoo was temporarily closed to the public this morning and an investigation has been launched after the sudden death of a chimpanzee

The emotional staff could be seen taking comfort when the 10-year-old monkey, named Mogli, was caught in a pond about 10 years ago30h

He was then wrapped in a tarp, loaded into the back of a ute, and taken to a large warehouse inside the zoo’s Bungarribee headquarters in western Sydney.

“We are currently investigating the circumstances and once new information is known we will make another statement

Large crowds of people could be seen queuing outside the locked main entrance to the facility while a few yards away guards removed the body of the chimpanzee from the compound, which is part of the facility. attraction of the zoo’s “boulevard des primates”

Crowds formed a few meters from where the guards removed the body of the chimpanzee from the enclosure, which is part of the zoo’s “boulevard des primates” attraction

Many were unaware of the death “They didn’t tell us anything,” said Edwin Claxton “I asked a lot of questions, but I didn’t get answers, and we had a admission time which is about to run out so hopefully we can get in. ”Waiting outside the monkey enclosure, Maria Abaya said rumors of a roaming animal had spread throughout the crowd”I thought it was just cowardly I heard there was an animal that was coward maybe a monkey So to find out it’s a death it’s shocking It’s really sad “Vu Nguien said his family had been in line for over 30 minutes and had agreed to come in.” We didn’t know that about the chimpanzee That’s why the kids are here What can you do? I don’t know not how to tell them “

Chimpanzees, native to central and western Africa, typically live for more than four decades

It is the second animal to die at the zoo in less than 12 months, after a three-year-old giraffe succumbed to a bowel disease in June of last year

Before it opened it was locked in a legal battle with Harbor City’s iconic Taronga Zoo over its intention to make itself known to the Sydney Zoo

Lawyers for Taronga – Australia’s largest zoo, which dates back to 1916 – argued that the naming of Sydney’s new facility would confuse clients

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World News – UA – A deep shock at Sydney Zoo after the sudden death of beloved chimpanzee Mogli

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