SYDNEY – Facebook Inc has reached an agreement with the Australian government to restore the news pages on the company’s social media platform, following a five-day suspension due to disagreement over payment for content

Facebook removed news from its platform in Australia last week, as legislation that would effectively require Facebook and Alphabet Inc Google to pay traditional media companies for content has made its way into the country’s parliament The legislation is widely watched around the world and could offer a model for other countries to force tech giants to pay for content

Facebook has made some changes to the law as part of the deal This includes requiring an additional round of negotiations with media companies before binding arbitration takes effect, as well as the increased recognition of any deal Facebook has made with publishers, a government and government officials statement said on Tuesday In return, Facebook was planning to restore the news pages on its platform in Australia in the coming days, the statement said.

During a press conference, Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told him the company intends to strike business deals with Australian media to pay for the content He did so later on Tuesday, when Australian television and news company Seven West Media Ltd said it agreed to provide the news to Facebook, although it did not immediately provide details of the agreement

“There is no doubt that Australia has been a proxy battle for the world,” M Frydenberg said on Tuesday “Facebook and Google have made no secret of the fact that they know the eyes of the world are on Australia”

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