The actors, who starred in The Object of My Affection, The Newton Boys, Wanderlust, and Friends (from 2002 to 2004), have remained friends

“Happy Birthday #PaulRudd,” Aniston wrote on her Instagram story yesterday (April 7), according to People “You’re not getting old, which is weird – but we’re celebrating you anyway,” her post continued, followed of three heart-shaped emojis

Aniston then posted several more photos, as well as a blooper video of Wanderlust in 2012

Mark Ruffalo, who starred alongside Paul Rudd in the Avengers film series, also poked fun at the actor’s aging in his own birthday post

“Happy birthday, Paul Rudd! Have I found the secret of your eternal youth? Ruffalo wrote, accompanying a photo of Rudd wearing the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame

Meanwhile, the long-awaited friends reunion special – which Jennifer Aniston will be involved in – is finally set to film this month after numerous delays

“After that I’m going to Los Angeles,” he said “We’re going to shoot a friends reunion next week, so I’m taking a plane this afternoon I’ll see everyone this week next for the first time in many years “

Schwimmer explained that the special will not be scripted, so he will be himself rather than Ross, her character on the series

“I will be myself, I will be David”, he explained “There is nothing scripted We are not of character, we are all ourselves – the real people Although there is a section of it – i don’t want to give it away – but we all read something “

There is no confirmed release date for the reunion episode yet, but when it finally arrives, it will air on HBO Max in the US.

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