We’ve seen all kinds of couples meet over the years on Married At First Sight Some good, some bad and some so ugly that we’d rather keep them in the past

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But the experts, now including sex therapist Alessandra Rampolla, have a new group of singletons to team up and we’ve already started to speculate if they hit the nail on the head or made a big mistake

Individually, we have diverse (character-level) brides and grooms in the mix this year From loud and outgoing Pilates studio owner Coco to hands-on personal trainer Patrick, it will be interesting to see who the experts estimate. that their perfect partner is

With the eighth season now upon us, discover each couple as revealed here

Melissa, 31, a workplace trainer, had never had a date before being associated with her husband Bryce, radio host, also 31

Hopefully Rebecca, 27, business leader, and 32, former AFL player, can overcome this fragile start and build a successful marriage

Sparks flew as these two laid eyes on each other, Samantha and Cameron commenting on the confidence and smile of their respective partner

They promised to be there for each other through the ups and downs, but only time will tell how they are doing in their marriage

Arguably the coolest, quirky couple ever, Booka and Brett’s wedding was the perfect combination of fun and sentimental

What do you get when you cross paths with a loud, straightforward Pilates instructor with a brutally honest aspiring fashion designer?

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By Willow Bay, when you subscribe

By Willow Bay, when you subscribe

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