We have the full roster for the 2021 NBA All-Star Game on March 7, and now it’s time to draft

On Tuesday, the league officially announced the seven reserve caps for each conference Captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant will take turns drafting their squads from the rest of the starting group before moving on to reserve

Here’s an All-Star simulation project, with a mix of superstars LeBron and KD should and will choose

An important caveat: it’s a bit too early to know how many of these official selections will play in the game next weekend. For example: Anthony Davis will need an injury replacement, and Durant came out with a hamstring injury

Curry is having one of the best seasons of his career, accounting for 423% of his 119 3s per game Which is to say ridiculous And he has been particularly devastating from both areas of the wing

Plus, there’s added motivation against his former teammate at Durant on the All-Star stage

Curry has never won an All-Star MVP award, which just seems wrong This could be his year

Durant should use his first choice on Leonard, a motivated player to send a message to James

Leonard is quietly flirting with his debut 50/40/90 season while scoring 27 points per game But he also proved he was keen on winning the All-Star Game Last year he walked away with the inaugural trophy Kobe Bryant’s MVP after leading his team to a surprisingly thrilling victory

In a game full of lobs and dunks, Antetokounmpo is a dream come true He is by far the best dunker among the starters and probably the best defensive rebounder too

Last year’s game included 75 3 misses and 95 targets Antetokounmpo scored 25 points last year, behind only Leonard in this category.Moreover, Antetokounmpo wants to beat his new rival from the Eastern Conference in During

Durant has to pick his teammates, and he has to pick them early Fortunately, Irving is a perfect All-Star Game teammate

Beal leads the NBA in scoring, averaging 329 PPG And James just saw firsthand just how clutch Beal can be, as the Wizards star torched the Lakers’ defense last Monday

Beal begins his first All-Star Game, ready to show the world he belongs in this prestigious role

Doncic is another perfect All-Star Game teammate He is one of the most creative playmakers in the game, he can clean up missed shots and (of course) he can score

He had a frustrating first half, but Doncic could easily be seen using the All-Star scene to remind skeptics that he is arguably the best young player in the world.

Plodding centers like Embiid don’t thrive in modern All-Star gaming environments But Embiid is running a career campaign and – like Antetokounmpo – he’ll be eager to send a message to Durant and the Nets that the battle for the east will not be easy

Jokic could end up as the final starter chosen as his eccentric mark of greatness might not translate well in an environment marked by frantic pace, high-flying lobs and dunks

Lillard was chosen to start this game by both gamers and media alike, but was once again denied a starting role due to fan voting Those who doubt him do so at their own risk I have Lillard as a sleeper MVP choice

Williamson is making his All-Star debut, and you know what no All-Star will do in this game? Hinder Williamson’s fierce attacks

He leads the NBA in points in the paint thanks to his amazing mix of size, skill and hops He could have 10 dunks in this game

Simmons has a career season Sure he can’t shoot 3s, but he does everything else Rely on him to provide elite perimeter defense if the game ends (Oh, and he and James share an agent)

George had a terrible playoffs last season, but he’s playing really well right now – flirting with 50/40/90 numbers while racking up tons of points He’s been particularly awesome downtown, sinking a ridiculous 471% of his 77 attempts at 3 points per game

If Durant pairs Leonard and George with Team LeBron, there’s a good chance those Lakers-Clippers vibes will ramp up the intensity here

James loves Chris Paul and picked him in last year’s draft Paul and James have now combined to form 28 All-Star teams It’s amazing All you need is love ? De’Aaron Fox found it with the Sacramento Kings power rankingsNBA: How long will the Sixers’ East be safe?

The Jazz look like the best team in the NBA right now, and thanks in part to Mitchell, their offense absolutely hums He’s a perfect All-Star pick off the bench Plus, Durant could maybe pair him up with familiar faces

Everyone remembers when Tatum drenched James in the 2018 conference final, but that won’t stop James from catching another of Durant’s rivals in the East

In a game that featured very little defense until the last few minutes, it’s hard to gauge Gobert’s worth Per Spectrum Tracking Second, he leads the NBA in disputed shots and ranks No 2 assists. screen per game, neither are essential elements of All-Star basketball

However, if this game ends at the end, the Tower of Choking becomes a potential X factor

The All-Star Game Can Turn Into One-On-One Really Quickly According to Second Spectrum tracking, 36 players average at least four isolations per game this season Among this group, LaVine ranks fourth in efficiency, behind only Irving, Harden and Lillard

Here’s the deal: with Anthony Davis set to be out, the league must name a sub It’s a tough choice, but it should go to Conley, who has never been on an All team. -Star He is one of the best players of one of the best teams in the league

Durant now has his Team Nets and three Jazz teammates working together to beat Team LeBron

Vucevic might not be a household name, but he is one of the best fat shooters in the NBA He leads every 3s shooters made at the top of the arc, and he is a perfect addition to James

Brown is having a fantastic season, despite Boston’s relatively poor first half.His overall versatility could make him a last-minute steal for Durant

Randle is the first Knicks All-Star since Kristaps Porzingis He will be ready to show the basketball world that he belongs to this game

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