Adam Reynolds made history with the first long-range two-point goal of the NRL era as he put more pressure on South Sydney to keep him in the 35 victory -6 against Brisbane

Reynolds’ future remained the biggest issue at Redfern for months, with the half-back once again saying this week that he would not receive more than a one-year guaranteed contract

But while this remains an issue off the pitch, there is still no sign that this will impact Reynolds or the Scorching Rabbitohs on the pitch.

The Rabbitohs are among the true heavyweights in the NRL, with Latrell Mitchell close to career best form with a one-two test at Stadium Australia

Reynolds easily won the halftime battle without a contract, with Anthony Milford enduring a tough night for Brisbane in their second straight loss

The Rabbitohs number seven was instrumental in four of his team’s tries on Thursday night, including his third four-point of the year when he saved a break from Dane Gagai

He helped set up the Rabbitohs for the first time when he kicked across the field for Alex Johnston, before a series of quick passes saw Benji Marshall pass

The half-back also threw the last pass for a try from Latrell Mitchell early in the second half, picking the right option as Mitchell stayed alive and caught the ball

Mitchell’s second also came from Reynolds, this time when he jumped high to take a kick from his teammate and make his way through four defenders

The night was not perfect for Reynolds, however, with an unusual attack error and a failure on Jamayne Isaako for Brisbane’s lone try

But regardless, Reynolds’ 43-yard basket at halftime was the lasting picture of the night, after the NRL offered two points for goals dropped beyond 40 yards this year

He scored the first two-point basket since the drop goal was reduced to one in 1971, Rabbitoh Eric Simms being the last player to hit a two-point

Meanwhile, Alex Johnston was also dangerous for the Rabbitohs on the left wing, smashing six tackles and conceding a first-half try with a sliced ​​ball from Mitchell

Marshall also thrived in the number six jersey with an assist from Campbell Graham to take part in his own first-half try, while Tom Burgess dominated the 200-meter running

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