Police in Sri Lanka arrested reigning Ms World Caroline Jurie, after allegedly injuring another beauty queen in a bust on stage – up

Pushpika De Silva won the title of “Ms. Sri Lanka” in a televised ceremony on Sunday, and the former winner, Ms. Jurie, was supposed to crown her

Instead, she removed the crown from Ms De Silva’s head, claiming she could not hold the title as she was divorced

Mrs Sri Lanka is part of Mrs World beauty pageant series for married women Title winners from each country enter the all-around Mrs World

“There is a rule that prevents women who have ever been married and who are divorced, so I am taking steps to move the crown to second place,” Ms. Jurie told the audience.

She placed the crown in second place, prompting tearful Ms De Silva to leave the scene, video of the incident showed

In a Facebook post, Ms De Silva said she went to hospital to be treated for head injuries after the incident

“There are a lot of single mothers like me today who are suffering in Sri Lanka,” she later told a press conference. “This crown is dedicated to these women, these single mothers who suffer to raise their children alone”

She added that she would take legal action for the “unreasonable and insulting” way she was treated

“Police arrested Caroline Jurie and model Chula Padmendra in Sunday’s incident on charges of simple injury and felony,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana told the BBC

Ms Jurie and Ms Sri Lanka’s chief competition organizer Chandimal Jayasinghe were questioned by police on Thursday Ms Jurie and Chula Padmendra were released on bail to appear in Colombo Magistrates’ Court on April 19

Ms De Silva has now been returned and the contest organizers have said they expect Ms Jurie to issue a public apology

M Jayasinghe told the BBC earlier: “We are disappointed It was a shame how Caroline Jurie performed on stage and the Mrs World organization has already opened an investigation into this”

Mrs Sri Lanka World beauty pageant is a major pageant in the country The Prime Minister’s wife was among the guests at the ceremony

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