With each passing year, Married at first sight sees an arranged couple share their vows and commit their lives – or at least the next two months – to a complete stranger

Of course, each season also sees a particular bride and groom who have chosen to forgo their chosen partner and practice infidelity with each other, ultimately welcoming a villainous plot

While season eight may have only been premiered two days before, half of an unfaithful partnership has already been accidentally revealed

Fans flocked to the internet to reveal a certain editing incident in the MAFS 2021 premiere episode, where the opening edit made it clear who was the culprit

In a scene from the season’s teaser, two contestants are seen blurry and only kneeling The groom in question can be seen holding another by the leg, saying, “I wish the experts matched us”

Naturally, they made it quite difficult to identify the subjects in question, but alas, the distinctive tattoo on the groom’s arm revealed it

Entrepreneur from Canberra with two sons, she has already shared her past trauma with Cameron, confiding in him about her now ex-husband who was caught cheating on her for his entire five-year span

Who is the other half of the bride? All we can see are her brown locks, which narrows the possibilities to Coco Stedman, Belinda Vickers, or a potential intruder we haven’t met yet.

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World News – UA – Thanks to a mounting incident, the unfaithful groom of this year’s “ MAFS ” was named and humiliated

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