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Microsoft plans to add text predictions to Word in March The new feature will work much like Google Docs’ Smart Compose option, using machine learning to predict the words an author will need to speed up document creation Microsoft initially announced a beta version of text predictions last year, but Neowin noticed that it is now on Microsoft 365’s roadmap to reach all Word users on Windows next month

Word will highlight grayed-out predictions when users compose a document, and suggestions can be accepted using the Tab key or rejected by pressing Esc Text predictions can also be completely disabled by Word users


Microsoft also started rolling out identical text predictions in Outlook for Windows this month, allowing users to compose emails faster. These Gmail-like text predictions have also been deployed in Outlook on the web. last year, along with a feature that allows users to schedule emails to be sent


World News – UK – Microsoft Word Gets Text Predictions in March

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/22/22295043/microsoft-word-text-predictions-feature-march-release-date