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RUPERT Everett says he doesn’t feel guilty about his six-year affair with Paula Yates behind Sir Bob Geldof’s back

The 61-year-old has spoken candidly about his relationship with the late TV presenter, who died of a heroin overdose in 2000

In an interview on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Rupert opened up about his affair with the late Paula Yates

Rupert told Piers: “We’ve been very, very close, I have to say, for a long time, and he’s someone I adored and still adore

Writing for the Daily Mail in 2006, under My Life with the Divas, Rupert said of his romance with Paua: “I’m mystified by my heterosexual relationships, but then I’m mystified by most of my relationships.’

‘This side of our relationship was tenuous to say the least, and our lives were going in different directions “

He added: “She had a fragility that was erotic for men She could break if you squeezed her too tight

“She had a tiny waist you could put your hands on and your fingers would almost touch

“This was her most extraordinary feature, as it gave the man she let her hold her in his arms a sense of protective power; even though you were gay you couldn’t help but feel excited “

Asked by Piers about how he “put Bob in all of this” Rupert replied that he “just ignored him”

Asked if he felt guilty about this matter, Rupert replied “no”, adding: “I don’t know, I think it would be her to feel guilty, not me”

The Shakespeare in Love actor – who identifies as homosexual – had a romantic relationship with Paula after he met in 1982

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Rupert Everett

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