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Coming out of the Carson Wentz trade, the Indianapolis Colts now have a proposed $ 43 6M ceiling space available this offseason – still good for 4th in the league

Now that figure is a bit misleading as the Colts have a number of key young free agents who are set for lucrative extensions after 2021: Darius Leonard and Braden Smith, and after 2022, Quenton Nelson a year later.

Therefore, the Colts need to be a little careful about how they spend the rest of this offseason by saving enough space to safely keep their best young basics coming on new contracts. After seeing how GM Chris Ballard (and salary cap guru Mike Bluem) have performed in the recent past, there’s no doubt the team will be notified.

Now, one way around this could be for the Colts to look to recruit proven veteran players on short-term contracts (say 1 to 2 years), whose new offers will expire, and thus free up space for ceiling when the deductible must re-sign Leonard, Smith and Nelson (and it should be noted that Nyheim Hines is also a free agent after 2021)

These proven impact veterans could immediately round out the Colts’ young core on a now-competing Indianapolis roster ‘built to win’, without complicating their long-term salary cap flexibility Thus, allow Indianapolis to retain all of the cornerstones of the franchise going forward

Colts cornerback Xavier Rhodes is a perfect fit for this type of player, who Indianapolis should theoretically target – as a top starter, who could be ready to take over a 1-2 year contract

If the Colts are looking for continuity, so will the two veterans Justin Houston and TOui Hilton, but probably more in support roles

However, if the franchise was aiming “a little higher” in terms of “agents with no big fish,” particularly at the veteran defense level, then recently released the franchise’s former Houston Texans face and 3x NFL defensive MVP JJ Watt also makes a lot of sense for Indianapolis in the immediate future

The Colts are also said to be on the lookout for the uncertain future of former Denver Broncos 4x NFL First-Team All-Pro and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, as Denver is set to turn down their 18million team option. dollars for 2021, making it an unrestricted free agent soon

Now 31, Watt recorded 52 tackles (36 solo), 14 tackles for loss, 50 sacks, 45 total QB presses, one interception (returned for a touchdown), 7 defensive passes, 2 forced fumbles and a fumble recovery in all 16 starts this past season for the Texans’ defense

Per PFF (subscription), Watt was their 7th best advantage with an 854 year total in 2020

The problem with Watt is his enduring durability, as he’s still a great player wherever he plays throughout the defensive line, but he’s only played two full 16-game seasons in the past 5 years. – and he missed 32 games in the same period scope

However, this is something that cannot be said for veteran passer Von Miller, who missed the entire 2020 season with a dislocated peroneal tendon in his ankle.

Miller has always been one of the best passing throwers of the past decade until this injury – and still is

(In fact, Miller is tied for 25th all-time career sacking at 1060, while Watt is right behind him with 1010 sacking at # 31 respectively)

That being said, at 31, Miller is just one season away from recording 46 tackles (33 solo), 10 loss tackles, 80 sacks, 77 total presses on QBs and 2 assists. defended for 15 starts in 2019 for the defense of the Broncos

In many ways, the Colts signing Miller at this point in his esteemed career might be like when the Broncos signed his former teammate, the ex-Dallas Cowboys All-Pro pass, rushing the great DeMarcus Ware in 2014 and ultimately won the Super Bowl – because he was still a winning and highly productive veteran

Now the counter-argument here is going to come from someone – and presumably someone sneaky, saying, “I remember when the Colts signed some big names, after their top vets like Frank Gore, Andre Johnson and Trent Cole in the 2015 offseason and this team went a lot out of nowhere “

This Colts team finished 8-8 and failed to make the playoffs after a lot of hype out of season

But the problem isn’t that the Colts recruited veterans to complete a young core, it’s that their underlying infrastructure wasn’t strong enough at the time, as a game appearance for the AFC title in 2014 misled the front office into believing they were closer to a Super Bowl that the team were truly realistic on a not-so-talented roster worn too often by former franchise quarterback Andrew Luck

It would be incredibly short-sighted and simplistic to say “Signing veterans is bad” because of this particular case, especially when looking at this list in retrospect

The Colts also picked the bad veterans (aside from Gore) from a list that was ‘madman’s gold’ over whether they could actually fight legitimately – outside of the usual feats of Luck

(Both Johnson and Cole were pretty much done by this point in their playing careers – while to put it in perspective, Brandon Marshall, 31, signed by the New York Jets as a veteran free agent during in the same offseason, had 109 receptions, 1,502 receiving yards and 14 touchdown receptions in 2015)

Watt and Miller are two of the best defensive players to do just that over the past decade, and are undisputed future members of the Professional Football Hall of Fame in the first round – whenever either decides to finally hang up the soccer cleats for good and head straight to Canton:

JJ Power / rank in watts among DL since 2011: Overall – 942 (3rd) Pass-rush – 932 (3rd) Defense race – 928 (5th) photoTwittercom / 4SIqhA4mKW

Von Miller Career Notes / Rank (’11 -19): 946 PFF Rank (1st) 941 Run-Defense (1st) 939 Pass-Rush (1st) photoTwittercom / pPxx3K3vaR

Most valuable EDGE / DI by PFF WAR since 2011: ♦ ️ JJ Watt ♦ ️ Aaron Donald ♦ ️ Khalil Mack ♦ ️ Von Miller picTwittercom / N1X58X8sWL

Total pressures since 2011: Von Miller – 640 Cam Jordan – 623 JJ Watt – 610 picTwittercom / JNHGo27LoJ

Most hits since 2010: 1 JJ Watt – 3152 Carlos Dunlap – 2543 Cameron Wake – 2474 Von Miller – 2395 Calais Campbell – 2206 Aaron Donald – 211 photoTwittercom / 6gQuH8I2ox

Now the Colts shouldn’t be paying too much for past production, and there are obvious durability issues – with Watt’s long history of injury in recent seasons and Miller recovering from a serious injury. ankle-length entering your 30s at a prime position that requires elite blast and ‘juice’

That being said, if either of the defense veterans is seriously interested in joining a potential Colts contender for a short-term deal and teaming up with DeForest Buckner, Darius Leonard and Kenny Moore on defense, among other things, so Indianapolis should definitely be in the market for the two NFL superstars to push for a Lombardi Trophy

Watt may be increasingly motivated to stick with his old franchise by joining a contending divisional rival, and Miller may be looking to take a year-long flyer to regain his full value after a serious injury – while seriously competing for a Super Bowl

The two proven impact veterans are reportedly hungry for a championship and are looking to round out a strong core of young Colts – on a potential AFC candidate, without compromising the predictable flexibility of Indianapolis’ salary cap and ability to retain their own local stars in the future

Watt Houston’s JJ Texans

World News – United States – Colts could sue veterans: JJ Watt and Von Miller maintain salary cap flexibility and complete competitive core

Source: https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/2/23/22296423/colts-should-pursue-j-j-watt-monitor-von-miller-to-sign-to-short-term-deals-to-complement-core