SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas discussed former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson at a post-trade press conference Sam Darnold

The Jets now need a franchise quarterback after trading Darnold to the Carolina Panthers on April 5

A day later, Douglas spoke to the media about the trade and answered questions from reporters

“What did you think of Steve Young’s comments on the radio?” Apparently he did some detective work and spoke to some of the coaching staff and he said the Jets were ‘committed to Zach Wilson’, ”a member of the media asked the GM.

The CEO continued by discussing his trip to Provo for BYU Pro Day in late March On Pro Day, Douglas, Jets head coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur watched Wilson’s practice in front of other NFL executives and scouts.

“It was good to be there on Pro Day and I just had the opportunity to talk to his reps, to quickly say hello to a few of his family,” said Douglas “BYU put on a great professional day for the whole NFL First Class First Class Organization and it was a great day there You know like I said we are excited about this class and we are so excited about this class of quarterback So we still have a lot of our process left in those three plus weeks leading up to the draft and a lot of productive conversations, conversations in the future, to come.”

“I had a brief conversation with his agent, his father during Pro Day”, replies Douglas “It was a good conversation It was good to say hello”

Yards After College Podcast: NBC Sports’ Peter King on Zach Wilson & 2021 NFL Draft https: // tco / VA90tM69rd

To close the press conference, Douglas was asked if the team intends to take a quarterback with the No 2 pick

Former BYU and NFL quarterback Steve Young recently said he thinks Wilson is a “generational talent”

“I think he’s kind of a generational talent,” Young said of Wilson “It’s more than how he starts football It’s just his demeanor and his abilities, even he’s younger I just believe, I really believe in the kid “

Young said that despite Wilson’s youth, he believes the future rookie quarterback is ready to play in the NFL

“I think he’s ready to play now,” said Young “It’s going to be growing pains but he’s ready to play He’s a sedentary kid, he won’t be overwhelmed in any way “

“I think he’s ready to play now… He’s a settled kid He won’t be overwhelmed in any way” – Steve Young on Zach Wilson #LocalsInTheNFL #YACPodcast #NFL #FTTB #BYU #GoCougs #BYUFOOTBALL https: // tco / rGVzUvN1Uj

Young also raised the possibility of Wilson falling to his former team, the San Francisco 49ers, who have the 3 picks in total. He also said the Jets are already “committed” to the future rookie. p>

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if they can figure out how to come back, this is their number one top pick,” Young said. “I just don’t know how to get there The Jets are committed to Zach and recruited the family I mean I just don’t know how that comes undone… I think the Zach would love him The family would love him You know nothing would make anyone happier I think the 49ers are their first undeclared choice, then that would be wonderful they would love to have Zach “

The Jets traded Darnold a week and a half after watching Wilson pitch on BYU Pro Day

During Pro Day, Douglas and Wilson had a conversation on the grounds of the BYU indoor training facility

Well, that was a show Zach Wilson put on today at BYU Pro Day 😳

Joe Douglas and the #Jets got a really good look at the QB that could go no 2 overall Surely had feelings about him (anyway) reinforced today imageTwittercom / 9Pwoz7ECcB

After Pro Day, Wilson was asked about his interactions with the Jets throughout the draft process

“Great staff, love these guys Joe Douglas is a great guy and it was good to see him here They have a good thing going on,” Wilson said

“Great staff, love these guys Joe Douglas is a great guy and it was good to see him here They have a good thing going” picTwittercom / BKwWkZUZdn

After the event, Athletic’s Dane Brugler received a text from an NFL scout who was present

Wilson will find out which team he will play for in the 2021 NFL Draft in April

Draft set to be held in Cleveland, Ohio from April 29 to May 1 It will air on ESPN and NFL Network

Kyle Ireland is an NFL Insider local for KSLSportscom and host of the Yards After College podcast Follow him on Twitter (@kyleireland) and Instagram (@kyleirelandksl)

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Zach Wilson

World News – US – GM Jets Joe Douglas discusses Zach Wilson, comments from Steve Young