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Mason Mount was Chelsea’s star man again as Thomas Tuchel’s side claimed a 2-0 away win over Porto in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final

In a game where Porto saw more half chances and almost dangerous moments, it was Mason Mount who provided the enduring class moment of the first half, taking the ball deep from Jorginho in his stride and pulling low past Agustin Marchesin The same was no less true in the second half as Chelsea soaked up the pressure without facing many really dangerous moments before Ben Chilwell erupted in the 85th minute, bypassing the goalkeeper and sneaking into an empty net

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Not much help from his back line, although questionable decision-making throughout the game and poor positioning almost led to more goalsRating: 5

Strong opening half providing defensive cover and eliminating passing lanes Did well to combine with Corona and Uribe in the middle before being substituted late as Porto chased a goal Rating: 6

Responsible for playing more physically on the back row, mostly clean play until a yellow passes just past the hour Rating: 5

Very involved in connecting with the midfielder and set pieces for the team, his attempt on target forced a save from MendyRating: 6

Active on the back line for the team, but came out played in the box by Mount on the opening goal for Chelsea Rating: 5

Active on the ball and in dangerous spaces in the final third and attempted to draw calls Had a bad mistake on Chelsea’s goal Rating: 5

A solid heist play during the match but transformed into an executive force role as Chelsea began to establish their offenseRating: 55

Strong in midfield early in the game Both facilitated and disrupted play when needed, and attempted to generate an attack with his own attempts Rating: 6

Provided the build-up and a good combination in the middle with Corona during the first half, but was substituted late as Porto continued the game Rating: 6

Active in attack, facing Azpilicueta, but struggled to connect to goal for the club despite his efforts Substituted late for fresh legs Rating: 6

Good movement on and off the ball during the first half, involved in the build-up on runs in the middle and strong maneuvers against the opponent during the second half, but no goals to show Rating: 6

The squad were solid in formation despite a very early defensive exit The starting lineup played well together, which is probably why they only managed to make subs after 80 minutes Sent a yellow in the second half for dissent Rating: 5

A smart stop at his near post saved Mendy from embarrassment as it looked like Otavio’s corner slipped in and he also did well to pass quickly enough to refuse Pepe’s header in a first half. -hard timeRating: 7

Usually, Azpilicueta seemed to be the man in the way of any penalty shootout on a night where he was forced to do a lot more defense than many might have expected of him.Rating: 7

Against what was a Porto side with a lot of aerial weapons, Christensen coped admirably, justifying Tuchel’s decision to pick him over Thiago SilvaRating: 7

The Germany international was almost punished early in the second half when he let Marega run behind and he watched the relatively weak link in Chelsea’s back line as the game progressed Likewise, he was the one who was ready to make the assertive plays, step forward one minute and clear into his own area the next.Rating: 7

For a right-back who is often seen as doing his best job in possession of the ball, James has shown impressive diligence without the ball, leading his team in tackles, clearances and ball recoveries in the field. ‘intervalRating: 8

A perfectly solid display from Chilwell, whose main task was to help take down Corona and Zaidu to the right of Porto He did it quite impressively even though he and Werner struggled to find their way. ‘hear It was just a reward for his relentless run throughout the night when he scored Chelsea’s second, a great run into the heart of Porto’s defense before rounding around MarchesinRating: 7

The Italian judged his pass to be perfect to throw Mount for the opener, waiting for Porto’s defense to come his way before passing the ball with perfect precisionRating: 7

The kind of defensive midfield performance you want in the first leg of a European draw, Kovacic was solid in possession, covered every yard he could to get the ball back but was generally far away spotlightsRating: 7

His debut Champions League goal was a sign of the remarkable progress Mount has made in his development this year, a brilliant kick with his left heel before pushing the ball to the right place It was the highlight of another superb performance from the youngster, who, at just 22, looks like the man Chelsea can always count on in the greatest momentsRating: 8

He started off pretty well, varying his moves and looking to squeeze in behind But he didn’t seem to know if he was supposed to back off alongside Kovacic and Jorginho or use his size to fight the Porto defense. His performance reflected that confusion and he was lucky that the moment his pocket was picked by Pepe for an open goal would have been ruled out for offside.Rating: 4

From the start it always seemed like a tough game for Werner against a team that would sit deep and deny him the space he dreamed of behind He did very well to cut off Porto’s passing lanes from the start. beginning, but as an offensive threat it was non-existentRating: 4

Chelsea were forced further back during their 25 minute cameo and although he often showed up for the quick pass behind, she rarely showed up, her only chance to see a powerful effort come back from the barRating: 5

At least he’s proven that it wasn’t just Werner who struggled to take the ball from the start Rating: 5

He wasn’t the defensive-minded substitute he might have seemed, pushing rather high to put pressure on a tiring Porto side and force the mistakes that won this game for Chelsea Rating: 6

The veteran Brazil was brought in to add ballast to the defense, but he was barely needed as Chelsea hit Porto on the counter lateRating: 5

Tuchel’s approach to his work at Chelsea is not that easy to watch but it is certainly effective The Blues seem to be able to work their way through until the last moments of this competition Rating: 7

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Porto vs Chelsea

World News – United States – Porto vs Chelsea Player Ratings: Mason Mount inspires Blues to Champions League quarterfinal victory