Build-A-Bear is a horrific children’s play store where your youngsters can see their new best friend transformed from a void, lifeless skin into a teddy bear-shaped object and plush You can even buy little bear clothes This is quite the pitch, and one that has been so successful that the business is usually found in malls and malls everywhere

When Build-A-Bear announced its upcoming collaboration with Animal Crossing: New Horizons last month, people were understandably excited, and while the company didn’t confirm which characters would be imminent plush, rumors did. are unleashed Sure, Tom Nook and Isabelle would probably arrive, but would we see KK Slider? Stitches? Everyone’s favorite business cat, Raymond?

Unfortunately for some, when the sale went live today (and yes, we stood in line for over an hour to find out) the only plush toys available were Tom Nook (in his outfit). holidays) and Isabelle (in a pink shirt) Plus they are pre-padded and pre-dressed, so they are not customizable at all – except to be able to change the sound that comes out of them

Build-A-Bear even posted a video of the “first prank” with the Merrell twins, two identical YouTubers with almost 6 million subscribers, which – if anything – we can’t not bring them to life ourselves all the more sad The twins are taken to an empty Build-A-Bear store with masks while they stuff and name their bears, including the insert of the ‘heart Which makes the bear real How are we supposed to know if they have hearts if they’re pre-stuffed ?!

Customers have two options for the 15 inch tall soft toys: the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Opening Theme” theme or a 5 in 1 sound chip, unique to Tom Nook and Isabelle The plush description says these are “signature phrases”, which is certainly interesting for a game where each character speaks gibberish And yes, the 5 phrases included with each include gibberish, as well as emoticon noises, like the twinkling sound of a smile, or the doink of a star falling on their head

Unlike other Build-A-Bears, you won’t be able to save a message to go inside the bear – and that’s probably something Nintendo made sure of, otherwise we’d see a lot of swear words, off-model Isabelles

Needless to say, a lot of fans are disappointed with this selection, and while I have no doubts that the fluffy friends will be sold out in no time (although each is limited to one per guest), this is certainly not the case what some were hoping The Build-A-Bear FAQ says the collection “will come back in the future”, in case someone can’t pick one up before it runs out

I know it is futile to hope for something a little more stylish, a little more exclusive and a little less “the fluff that you find in the £ 5 bin when you are in line. waiting in a play store “, but still – these plushies really don’t have anything special to me If I wanted something fluffy that sometimes blurred nonsense I would put the batteries back in my Furby

But what do you think? Have you been in the Build-A-Bear queue? Are you disappointed or don’t you mind the limited options at all? Maybe you think that’s exactly what we should have expected, and shouldn’t have hoped for after years of Nook and Isabelle-themed merch?

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It’s pretty disappointing yeah I was going to get my sister one for her birthday but I’m pretty sure she hates both Isabelle and Nook for different reasons

What were people expecting? They were going to make plush toys of the mascot characters, due to the recognizable Real Villagers rarely get their own merchandise, as these are always the iconic special characters. Without forgetting that they are the mascots of the series

@HotGoomba At least Nook would make the rich tastier There’s enough fat to make Tanooki cracklings

If they chose lesser-known characters, it would again be the same situation as Mario Kart 7, where everyone complained about Honey Queen and Wiggler

I don’t really know what anyone expects from character choices these are the 2 most logical options, I see no difference between that and Pikachu and Eevee being the first versions of Pokémon These are the 2 most recognizable mascots An argument could be made for KK Slider but Isabelle drew a lot of New Leaf fandom When the game released on the same day as Doom Eternal all the fan art was Isabelle and Doom Slayer. I may be disappointed with the process of “building a bear”, but everything is live for now.

Well, I’d rather have Isabelle or Tom Nook than Zipper or Pave so there is that 😆🤦🏻‍♀️

@VoidofLight plus the villager is very customizable what are they going to do? A whole potato head situation where you can swap out facial features and hair?

Calling it a collection gave people hope The collection looks like more than two to a lot of people

Yes, quite disappointing Since they called it a “collection” I was expecting at least 4 or more characters (and I wished Celeste or one of the Able Sisters was included) Just Tom Nook and Isabelle is simply meh

@Kiyata What’s your problem with PAVÉ !? Lol Feel the rhythm! Lose yourself in the FESTIVAL!

what bothers me the most is how many are now on ebay for ridiculous prices – surely build a bear and ebay can stop this? isn’t it like they weren’t scalped? there is no excuse and ebay should refuse to see them more than their cost

@VoidofLight ah yes them too Even if they went with Raymond and Marshall being the most popular, they would have fallen flat I think

@Grahamthecracker that would also disappoint those who don’t like the most popular villagers, or who are fed up with the sight of Raymond because of how Twitter ruined him I think there probably should be more than two dolls, but just dolls only for special characters My guess is however they won’t, as a lot of special characters have actually been excluded for good

Somehow I was very good at guessing if an article was written by Kate Gray or not, I wasn’t wrong yet

I was so ready to shell out fifty bucks for Brewster after an hour and a half in a row But Nook and Isabella? I think not My hopes have been maliciously dashed

I mean, Build A Bear hardly ever comes out more than a couple at a time unless it’s tied to a specific version The Pokémon collection started out with just Pikachu and they added a new one all of them. about two months since then and at this point they’ve had stuff like Snubbull and Dragonite I don’t expect it to be any different

Disappointing but understandable why the clothes are pre-sewn It would be nice to put other non-canon outfits on them but I doubt Nintendo would be too happy for BABW to sell naked Tom Nooks and Isabelles to kids, lol

It’s sad that there are so many great characters and personalities in animal crossover games, but they choose the most famous wasted

@nessisonett If you want to gift her a Nintendo character make it an available Pokemon or failing that Yoshi He’s coming back this month I just want a yellow to remind me of Cammiluna She still hates me for drawing bad ones photos, so many years ago, when the internet was young, and I was in high school, first to second grade I almost tagged her on Twitter, but it would bring back bad memories and unwarranted strikes on my Twitter account. She would have told me to “***** off”

My daughter was really hoping for Blathers, but she can’t wait for Tom Nook to arrive

I totally understand if people are disappointed with this (I was hoping that at least some of the eight new or new characters from the event would be featured) but these are still some really cute Tom Nook and Isabelle plush toys These will have no problem selling

Overall I’m 50/50 on them It’s a shame there aren’t more characters available, but if you didn’t think they were going to include Tom Nook and Isabelle right off the bat , who do you think you are? I bought a Tom Nook Partly because I thought he looked cool and part because after waiting an hour and 43 minutes I felt like I needed something for my time that i would never come back i’m excited for him to come though

Yeah I expected them to be there I didn’t expect them to be the only 2 is not a collection Hope BaB will reveal more AC characters soon

Absolutely expected trash These are so bad Building a bear has to pay ass for this promo why would they do these lol

For example, why wouldn’t you just get a corner from Isabelle or Tom that is much cheaper and much more loyal? Literally everywhere

Run a Bear for Years Company ***** with a ***** Philosophy They did more than I expected by releasing more than one character

@Crockin I think they wanted a bigger Isabelle or Tom Nook at a better price than the imports you see at game retailers I only pray they just bring Yoshi back, and call him “Yoshi” on the foot, because that would go with that stupid “Mario is Dead” meme I swear Mario Golf: Super Rush will only trigger a “Mario’s Come Back To Life!” Meme Honestly, if Nintendo wanted to do anything, they would have to do Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong with the option of giving them clothes to wear ON their sewn shirts!

So it’s a bit like AC: NH in that it’s a pretty low effort thing that cuts corners?

Because I believe Animal Crossing is an elaborate satire on capitalism, today’s deception seems oddly relevant It’s like the Nook Miles program – it’s something we want but it doesn’t just isn’t what we want

I don’t see why people are complaining It was obvious that it would only be a choice or two to start The Pokémon collection was just Pikachu to start As to who the choices are, Tom Nook is a character who’s appeared in all the games so he’s well known and Isabelle is in Smash so they make sense I see people asking “Why was [insert villager’s name here] not included?” and the answer is pretty obvious, they know that choosing two well-known characters will mean that they will get sales.With the number of villagers, it is almost as difficult as choosing Pokemon for the lineup If you choose one, you will have people who like this villager, but you will also have people who hate this villager and will be much more opposed to the choices made than those who are happy and will spend the money Yes, there are some villagers who are mostly universally loved, but when starting a plush collection, it is best for businesses to choose choices that you know are popular, well known, and seem to be loved by the internet. I remind you that before Isabelle’s announcement for Smash, she and Tom Nook were the two Animal Crossing characters that people wanted in the game, so you can’t really ignore the fact that people love these characters. If you’re not happy don’t buy them Your money is yours to choose where to spend Just go support a freelance plush creator somewhere like Etsy You’ll have something more lovingly made than Build-A-Bear and you will even be able to make someone smile by ordering them.You are also more likely to do a better job, because although the Build-A-Bear online orders I placed last year went well (j ‘had the Halloween unicorn and recently the peacock because it looked like Pavé from Animal Crossing), there are a lot of cases where what you get is under stuffing, and normally you can go to the store and they can add more padding for you, but it’s not a luxury available nowadays At least with the creators of Etsy, it’s not just underpaid warehouse workers sitting in front of a machine constantly stuffing thousands of the same plush

(I did a circuit bent a Furby once, which meant skinning it.The skin sat on my desk for years, looking like some kind of Otto Dix’s nightmare for furries)

You all want RAYMOND ?! Ha! I won’t imagine what atrocity could happen to such a plush! Smart to play safe at the moment, but they are missing a boat because no owls in the museum

Personally, I would only really care if they had a koala villager Ozzie or Eugene would be awesome

@VoidofLight they expected to be able to build and customize them like the other Build a Bear offerings And there are a lot of other AC characters that sell KK Slider and Timmy and Tommy would have been the welcome And given the closeness of Easter / Bunny Day they could have cashed in a limited release Zipper Blathers, Celeste, Resetti and we haven’t even touched on fan favorites

@Tsusasi Resetti and other fan favorites would have been off the mark because it’s a new collection of backgrounds, and they don’t exist anymore Nintendo is also strict about the way they handle things, that’s why you can’t customize them

@VoidofLight Resetti maybe, but the others are in the foreground and PROMINLY featured in New Horizons Who runs the museum? Who runs the store? Which gives you astrological recipes, Star Wand recipes, etc. and tell you when there is a heavy meteor shower?

And Nintendo would stay in control, because they might limit the features and the ways you could change them But coming pre-stuffed with ZERO options is just plain stupid and limiting

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