WandaVision comes to its conclusion with the 9th and final episode in rather explosive material After several weeks of unraveling the mysteries of Wanda’s world and learning how he was born, it all falls apart WandaVision’s series doesn’t necessarily pay a direct tribute to sitcom TV this week, however, this episode’s finality feels like the big TV series’ finals of the past.There are a lot of different things that need to come together and come together to their natural conclusion Plus, some questions from the past week have gone unanswered So while the final episode of WandaVision has a lot to balance out, the series manages to do it with varying degrees of success.

As Agatha has been revealed to have harnessed Wanda’s moment of immense grief to learn her power, they finally clash.This latest episode wastes no time getting back to the MCU formula we have become accustomed to Immediately we have a face-to-face between Agatha and Wanda At the same time, we can also see Vision confronting her soulless reflection in the real world All in all, this openness to the episode allows for an exciting change of pace The last 8 episodes of buildup, mystery, and tension-building explode on screen

The action is typical MCU fare, and we first see Wanda taking on someone with powers like her, though, more experienced with them than she is. Director Matt Shakman takes advantage of the opportunity to add emotion (and exposure) to the action The scenes with Agatha and Wanda, unfortunately, suffer from exposure that takes the tension away However, it is the interplay between the two visions where the episode shines

Seeing the two Visions clash was the highlight of the episode The vision that exposed his full powers against himself in a dead end was incredible There is a beautiful choreography and very clever maneuvers between the two Almost like a dance, the androids move from a battle among themselves to a deep examination of who they are.Like the final conversation of Ultron and Vision in Age of Ultron, they examine each other to try to come to a conclusion as to the real “Vision” It’s a clever narrative point in the episode that is extremely engaging The Two Philosophical Waxes before the memories of the original Vision are restored.It pretty much resolves the Vision arc in the series, effectively ending, smart and exciting

As for Tommy and Billy, their development falls off more than expected The action-oriented first half of the episode has a scene dedicated to the twins The sequence in question allows for a fun demonstration of the power of the twins , but overall she feels forced and awkward Especially when the morally ambiguous and bossy director Hayward gets government villainous in the most cheesy way possible. Her attempt to shoot the twins is thwarted by Monica using her powers The moment is forced and probably the worst part of the episode From there, with Vision and Monica’s arcs shrouded, they spend most of the episode watching Wanda fight Agatha in the sky The fight between Wanda and Agatha is convincing enough, however, the random interjection of shots of Vision, the twins and Monica just watching the battle gives an odd placement

Wanda’s fight with Agatha satisfactorily ends when Wanda uses the witch’s own tricks against her Forming giant runes in her own hex, Wanda embraces what Agatha had been shouting at her for most of the time. episode; She’s the Scarlet Witch The moment is a major payoff for the final two episodes Struck with grief and tragedy, Wanda has struggled in most of her MCU movies to figure out who she is Embracing her identity as the Scarlet Witch marks a turning point for his character

Right in the comic, Wanda defeats Agatha At this point, WandaVision turns away from the typical MCU fare for a more emotional and intimate moment With half of the episode serving up the action that fixes the problem at hand, the consequences serve to solve more personal issues besides the big villain.However, the fact that Wanda’s family is a fabrication of her reality must be undone

This is when WandaVision shows how it can differentiate itself from the movies.With weaker MCU movies focused on action rather than emotional resonance, WandaVision attempts to reconcile the two in a proper balance. With the typical third act confrontation out of the way and all mysteries solved, the series takes time for an emotional and heartfelt conclusion Vision and Wanda make peace by saying goodbye to their children In the process, Wanda and Vision have a last conversation between them Wanda makes peace with her loss This scene is one of the most moving the MCU has to offer

This final scene is a testament to what’s possible with the TV show’s format Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen are giving some of their best work to Marvel with their final scene together Their thoughts on their relationship and what comes next is a beautiful moment It works so well that the emotional consequences of the action that just happened, a rare outcome for any Marvel movie or comic book project

Overall, while having an odd pacing and uninspired action at times, WandaVision sticks the landing with a satisfying conclusion to one of the weirdest projects to come from the MCU series as a whole. broke new ground during its first few episodes, however, delving into formulated superhero content kept it from truly exceeding the high bar set by films like Winter Soldier or EndgameStill, the show works quite well and is an entertaining chapter and a fresh start for phase four Emotionally satisfying and incredibly creative, WandaVision is a great television – Ernesto Valenzuela

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