As Steve Kerr tried to get out of his embrace with Steph Curry in the middle of the court following the Warriors’ victory on Tuesday night at the Chase Center one of the best teams in the NBA, Curry recalled his coach to extend the embrace a little longer

They shared a smile and what can only be assumed to be a giant exhale After losing seven of their last eight games, the Warriors had just beaten the Milwaukee Bucks, 122-121

The win gives the Warriors a 24-27 record, a two-game cushion in the Western Conference’s 10th seed and a glimpse at how the Warriors can make the elusive run in the past 21 games of the season they played talked so much about

Curry dominated with 41 points, while James Wiseman had one of his best games of the season with 13 points and 10 rebounds Kelly Oubre continued his regular game with 19 points, while Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green stood out when they needed it on otherwise quiet nights The Warriors bench roughly matched the Bucks’ production, and Golden State held their own on the boards

Add it all up, and the Warriors played with joy and confidence – which hasn’t happened in a while

“You got to see a lot of emotion tonight from everyone,” said Curry “We all knew how badly we needed this You want to keep that joy and that energy and hopefully on, Friday, Saturday put on two really good performances and give you a chance to win and keep that That’s all you can do at this point

“With the good vibes and joy and energy that we had tonight you have to stay balanced This is kind of how I try to approach this knowing it was a good win Much needed for us and find ways to bottle it “

Maintaining that energy and fun will play a part in Warriors working on their funk on the stretch

Now, before we dive into what really needs to happen on the pitch, it’s important to recognize that Warriors have been in this position before, as Curry alluded to. Other than a three-game winning streak, Golden State hasn’t seen much success this season

Over the past 36 hours, reducing faults has been the message that has been conveyed time and time again in the minds of the warriors

“We practiced last night, we didn’t talk much about the X’s and O’s,” said Curry “The only thing the coach said was he gave us a quote how many free throws we need to limit [the Bucks] to That’s all he said in terms of X and O I guess we remembered that and finally executed that “

“We had enough transition attack after it was a foul and a quick or failed exit, pushing into the transition where we could soften them up a bit and that gave us a little more fluidity for the majority of the game, “Curry continued” Offensively you have more rhythm, you get better shots, the guys are involved and the morale of what you are trying to do stays high because for us, as soon as you hear a whistle, it’s like PTSD tonight, that was the difference “

Perhaps it was the clear, unfiltered frustration the Warriors were experiencing after their losses to the Toronto Raptors and Atlanta Hawks that lit the fire beneath them, drawing the attention to detail they lacked, but they needed, all season

Maybe it’s because they know they only have 21 games to secure a place for the play-ins, let alone a place for the playoffs

Whatever the reason, it worked against Milwaukee And with the return of disciplined basketball with happiness and confidence, the Warriors are making a run seem possible in a way that hasn’t yet been this season

“There’s still that glimmer of optimism in my bones, Coach Kerr echoes that as well, we’re really so close to breaking it,” said Kent Bazemore, who led the bench with 18 points. “Even with everything we’ve been through, we’re still a very, very good team once we put things in the right place to give us that confidence, like tonight.”

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