We’ve finally come to the end Here’s what happens in Attack on Titan Chapter 139

After much waiting and anticipation, Attack on Titan Chapter 139 was leaked today, a day ahead of its scheduled April 9 release date.

Attack on Titan has been one of the most beloved manga in recent years

With the anticipation of its final chapter, one last leak the day before its worldwide release was almost inevitable

If you’ve been reading the leaks but need some help figuring it out, don’t worry, I’m here for you Here is Attack on Titan Ending Explained

It should absolutely go without saying that there are MASSIVE spoilers for the entire manga ending below, so read on at your own discretion

“To Attack on Titan readers” Special message at the end of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine’s editorial department picTwittercom / mBQnJuFf0V

Well, we’ve reached the end of the journey for over ten years of creation As the final chapter hasn’t officially released yet, these leaks might not be 100% accurate Here’s what happened in Attack on Titan chapter 139:

Chapter 139, titled “Yeager,” opens with Armin asking Eren why things had to happen to all of this Eren explains that the choices he made were essential in saving the world, but were on his own. fresh, which causes Armin to yell at him because of everything he did to Mikasa Eren regrets how it has to end in between but explains that he will still be loyal to Mikasa even after his death.After Armin and Eren say goodbye to each other, Armin thanks Eren for being the villain so that no one else does not have to do it

After waking up, Armin finds Mikasa holding Eren’s decapitated head and he cries He explains that after their fight all the titans have returned to ordinary people Captain Levi sees Erwin and Hange coming out of hot steam while Connie and Jean find Sasha

We spend several years in Historia holding her child We find that the war with Eldia still rages on because only the titans disappeared after Eren’s death, not the war itself Many characters have left Eldia, but Historia still has hopes of fighting and winning Levi is still in Eldia pushed in a wheelchair by now adult Falco and Gabi

The last chapter ends with Mikasa pecked by birds under a tree next to a grave

Keep in mind that these leaks may not be entirely accurate This plot has been set up by several leaks from here and here

While this is clearly the end of the Attack on Titan manga, the final season of the anime is still over a year away. Additionally, the editorial department of Bessatsu Shonen magazine released a statement thanking fans and commenting on the series as a whole.

Fans seem to think there will be more Attack on Titan in the future based on the above statement You can find our coverage of the potential Chapter 140 here

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