Energy is essential for the pints, growlers, kegs and tallboys (& other alcoholic beverages) that the average American adult drinks more than 2 gallons of annually To mark National Beer Day (April 7), we bring you some energy statistics on what it takes to brew beers, stouts, IPAs, lagers, and more., and we explain how clean energy is a game-changer

Beer needs energy, the cultivation of the crops that go into the production system – boiling, refrigeration, filling cans, cleaning, running production lines, transportation and how HVAC and lighting systems work in breweries and tap rooms We’re talking about 50 to 66 kilowatt-hours needed per barrel of beer To put that into perspective, the energy needed to make around 400 kegs of beer could power the entire household for one year (Brewers Association statistics)

Beer production requires money and has a large environmental footprint These are factors that push breweries to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels – from small steps to reviewing their overall energy use Our infographic shows some of these actions, such as micro-turbine systems, solar panels on roofs, solar canopies, cleaning of wastewater for reuse and installation of LED lighting systems

The US Department of Energy was instrumental in making some of these changes In 2009, we funded a collaboration with the city of Fort Collins, Colo. called FortZED – a project to improve the viability of a smart grid, which included the site of a large brewery The success of the project reduced energy costs and helped inspire more smart grid projects

And there’s more DOE is also helping beer producers find new energy uses like transportation fuel for their spent grainResearchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) recently took a Department of Energy milestone by producing 10 liters of biocrude from 200kg of low-value wet plant raw material left over from the brewing process at a brewery. from Washington State This biocrude can be used in transport, creating a new meaning in a refreshing drink

So while you enjoy a frozen drink of your choice on Beer Day and toast your favorite breweries to make it all possible, remember how clean energy goals are. of DOE are essential when it comes to quenching your thirstCheers!

National Beer Day

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