AURORA, Colo (CBS4) – The independent investigation into how the Aurora Police Department and Aurora Fire Rescue handled the arrest and subsequent death of Elijah McClain in August 2019 has revealed statement described as “shocking” and “inappropriate” Report was released Monday morning and recommended major changes to the police force and the way officers communicate with paramedics and other first responders

McClain, 23, was arrested after a 911 call from a suspicious person The independent investigation revealed that the caller, days later, had been contacted and the person asked a police detective whether the person reported to be acting oddly had been arrested

The detective replied: “… yes he was caught and I don’t know if he was a bad person, but he got the help he needed”

Mari Newman, lawyer for McClain’s father, responded to this statement: “It’s absolutely shocking, the idea that they would try to say he had what he needed… my God, they killed an innocent young man “

During an online press conference on the investigation report on Tuesday, Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson was asked about the detective’s comment and replied, “I believe the answer can be taken in a number of ways and obviously he loses his life, this is a completely inappropriate statement for that “

Wilson would not comment on his officers’ conduct of the manipulation of McClain due to a grand jury investigation; McClain died six days after being arrested by Aurora police on his way home on foot He was placed in retraining holds during meeting with officers who called for help from the fire department. p>

Aurora Fire Chief Fernando Gray was asked about the use of the sedative ketamine by his paramedics

“We have no plans to reimplement ketamine in our system within the next 30 days,” he said

Claimed McClain received way too much ketamine Gray said further steps were being taken to prevent this

Aurora City Manager Jim Twombly at the press conference called for the creation of an independent monitoring office to review police actions after incidents involving He called the contents of the report of “disgusting” and “failure of system accountability”

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman tweeted his response to the report: “Seeing videos and stories about the tragic death of Elijah McClain has always been heartbreaking, and those feelings were only heightened when I read the report The report’s findings reveal a number of issues and errors that prevent our residents from getting the safe and equal level of response they deserve from our police, fire and ambulance service. I am saddened by this report and call on our city council to carefully ensure that these recommendations are implemented quickly and effectively. I also call on our city leadership and public safety chiefs to redouble their efforts to establish a new culture of responsibility and service with even more urgency in the light of this report We must take all possible measures to restore the confidence of our community. I will do everything in my power to ensure these results “

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