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With most schools around the world still relying on distance learning setups due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google rolled out improvements to its education-focused services Last week it rolled out announced a bunch of new features coming to its Meet video conferencing tool, including the ability for teachers or hosts to end a meeting for everyone at once

Google today announced the rollout of this feature to Google Workspace customers Starting today, hosts have two options when they are about to leave a meeting: they can either leave the other participants stay in communication without supervision or end the meeting for everyone at the same time

When you click the end call button during a meeting, a dialog will appear showing these two options before you can leave the call.If you choose to end the session for everyone, everyone else, including those in the workshops, will receive a notification that they have been kicked out of the meeting After that, the host must join the call again before they can join as well Teachers can prevent participants from going to a previous meeting when they want to meet their students by starting a brand new video conference

For now, this functionality is limited to Workspace Education Fundamentals or Education Plus accounts, which are the new names for G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education after their rebranding last week Google also plans to introduce the new functionality in other editions of Workspace in the coming months

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World News – United States – Google Meet Adds New Feature To End Video Call Simultaneously For Everyone

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