If Jojo Siwa hadn’t been on Dance Moms she would be a high school student in Omaha She would do her homework and play softball Maybe, she thinks, she would prepare to get graduation and apply for pre-medical programs

“By this day, I would love to be a surgeon,” JoJo told PEOPLE in one of this week’s covers, sitting in the lobby of her home in front of a rainbow unicorn the stature of a racehorse She lingers in the past “Being surrounded by children, high school would have been fun”

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So – slap! – the singer and dancer whose YouTube videos have been viewed over 36 billion times is back “I love being a pop star so much more! I mean, it’s the coolest life in the world!” she says as her bubbly enthusiasm sends her trademark bow and blonde ponytail vibrate “I wouldn’t trade it for anything”

Every square inch of his two-story mansion, with a swimming pool and concert stage to the rear, reflects JoJo’s rhinestone philosophy (The green mud trompe-l’oeil details on the hall’s molding dining reflect his multi-million dollar deal with Nickelodeon) Much like Superman has his Fortress of Loneliness, this suburban lair with Greek columns is where JoJo retreats to recharge his own superpowers

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There are portraits of JoJo on the walls bearing maxims of JoJo (“Hold the DRAMA”) There is a bar full of candy – every type you can imagine, from Swedish fish to Mike and Ikes to JoJo’s gummy bows (“These are just decoration,” JoJo tells me later, “Nobody in this house eats sugar!”)

A dog, Buddy, runs around in a JoJo hoodie But her mother Jessalyn says the house is not a setting – because that would make her daughter a character

“It’s not Miley / Hannah Montana,” says Jessalynn, who describes her own work as JoJo’s “mom” and “creative director” (Back in Omaha, they called her Jess Jenner, after Kim Kardashian’s mom) “There’s no split What you see is what you get She’s always like this”

The minute she heard about Dance Moms in 2012, Jessalynn remembers thinking, “Why aren’t we on this ?!” She sent an audition tape without ever telling her daughter, and JoJo was selected for a spinoff series in 2013

Two years later they moved to Dance Moms and when they started filming they became the villains of the series (In one memorable scene, famous teacher Abby Lee Miller wanted JoJo to wear a smaller “Beyoncé” bow, JoJo whispers to her mother, using their code word to “go harder” An even bigger bow was worn ” You’re a greedy little monster! “Miller yelled at Jojo)

“We were blinded”, recalls Jessalynn “We were so happy to be a part of this world I never thought about the consequences, the harmful effects it could have on our mental well-being”

They took the punches – the characterizations of the show, the nasty comments on social media – but persevered

“I was like, ‘No I want her to do that'”, says Jessalynn “She wants to be famous”

When she hears JoJo say she wants to be a doctor, “I’m like ‘JoJo, please don’t tell me we’ve done all of this, and you want to go to med school. was doing, we would back her a million percent But I’d be like, ‘Oh my god we’ve spent so many years doing this,’ “she adds

You could say the whole empire started with bows JoJo and Jessalyn made them with hot glue guns and rhinestones at their home in Omaha between dance competitions and sold them in salons

In JoJo’s single “Boomerang”, sold in platinum, his iconographic bow became the symbol of resistance to bullies Since then, the prop has been copied, parodied and, in some school districts, banned. sparked rumors about her hairline

“Every day I’ll be like, ‘I have to cut that down a bit Can we fill it up a bit? People said the arc was the cause,” she said “That arc doesn’t do anything C’ is just my hair “She pulls the iridescent arc off her head Like a matryoshka doll, a little rhinestone bow sits underneath JoJo’s real hair, rarely seen on videos, is darker and more wavy than her hair extension. ponytail

“Before, I hated my hair down,” she said “But one day I was like, ‘I can’t wait to pull my hair out and let it down’ I thought to myself, ‘Is- what did I just say that? “” She explains, “I have two humans living inside this body – rockstar JoJo, who’s the crazy costume And then I’m the coldest, you wouldn’t know never it’s me, black pants, a black hoodie, hair in a ponytail or two braids or down I love them both equally “

“I don’t like the word ‘normal’ but I’m a normal teenager”, adds JoJo “Of course I have blackouts I throw myself on my bed and cry”

JoJo turns 18 next month and will have full freedom to decide what to wear and do next. One thing she plans is a trip to the bank to withdraw some of her fortune held in trust

“I can’t wait for that day! My parents are terrified of moving” She is not, she clarifies “I am delighted to grow up, but I do not think ‘there will never be a day when I say to myself:’ It’s time to be an adult ‘”

Indonesia announced an interior travel ban during Eid al-Fitr celebrations next month, in an effort to prevent large-scale transmission of the coronavirus, an official said transportsThe world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation braces for the start of the holy month of Ramadan next week as it continues to fight one of Asia’s highest COVID-19 transmission rates

It wasn’t pretty, but the Perth Wildcats extended their winning streak to nine in a row after outlasting main NBL rivals the Sydney Kings 73-69The defending champions shot just 38 percent from the field (27 of 71) and just 6-29 from a three-point distance, but did enough to hold a Kings outfit hampered by a season-ending injury to Dejan Vasiljevic

Essendon’s old nemesis Lance Franklin had the final and decisive say as Sydney continued their undefeated AFL start to the season by eclipsing the Bombers at SCGAs Sydney clung to a four-point lead late in the game, Franklin took a mark and converted the setter to register his third major of the night, the 950th of his career and his 73rd against Essendon, the most that he launched against any club

Twelve people, possibly foreigners, were found beheaded following an attack claimed by ISIS on the city of Palma in northern Mozambique, near natural gas projects in worth $ 60 billion, said a local police commanderPolice Commander Pedro da Silva told reporters visiting the city that he could not be sure of the nationality of the 12 people, but he believed they were foreigners because they were white.

Lee Elder, who was the first black player to compete in the Masters, joined Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus as honorary holder ahead of the 85th edition of the tournament on ThursdayElder made his Augusta National debut in 1975 and recorded a best finish of 17th in 1979 in six appearances

Adam Reynolds made history with the first two-point basket in the NRL era as he put more pressure on South Sydney to find a way to keep him in their 35-6 win over BrisbaneReynolds was told again this week that he would not receive more than a one-year guaranteed contract from the Rabbitohs, prompting him to quit his junior club even further.

A search is underway to find a boy who went missing while swimming at Cedar Creek Falls on the Gold Coast Police say two boys were swimming at the falls around 4 a.m.

Pope Francis told world finance chiefs that poor countries hit by the economic impact of the coronavirus must reduce their debt burden and have more say in global decision-making In a letter to participants from the annual spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the Pope said the pandemic had forced the world to face interrelated socio-economic, ecological and political crises

* The deployment plan will be recalibrated and reassessed * End of October for each Australian receiving the first dose of vaccine if in doubt * Phase 1b – which includes young adults with a medical condition or disability and frontline health workers, among others – may be delayed * Pfizer vaccine will be redefined for those under 50 once phase 1a is completed * Vaccine purchases in Australia are under review * Four to six cases per million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine * Known Australian case found in 44-year-old man admitted to hospital in Melbourne * 25% death rate in known cases * More common in young people * Cause unknown

Former Wallabies star Will Genia praised James O’Connor’s “complete transformation”, saying he was delighted to see his former teammate blossom. O’Connor’s career was at a crossroads in 2017 when ‘he was arrested in Paris for possession of cocaine

Beijing blamed the United States for tensions over Taiwan after an American warship sailed near the island claimed by China, rhetorically asking if China would sail into the Gulf of Mexico as a ” show of force “The democratically ruled island has complained about Beijing’s repeated military activities in recent months, with the Chinese Air Force making almost daily incursions into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

At least three pro-Iran fighters killed in Israeli airstrikes on the outskirts of Syria’s capital Damascus, war observer reportsThe strikes targeted an arms depot in an area held by the Lebanese Hezbollah movement allied with Iran, completely destroying the facility, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said

Britons must be convinced the COVID-19 vaccine surveillance system is working following change in advice on how to give young people the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said”People can be reassured that we have the high quality safety system managed by our world class regulator

Cricket’s hell summer in South Australia is over with their Sheffield Shield and Marsh Cup teams failing to win a domestic match in 2020-2021 in a battle of two Marsh Cup laggards , Victoria prevailed over SA by 21 points on Thursday, giving the Redbacks a 0-5 record to end their season

Matildas new coach Tony Gustavsson will think outside the box as he tries to fill two huge defensive holes in upcoming games against soccer powers Germany and the Netherlands in EuropeGustavsson already knew he would be without left-back star Steph Catley as she continues her injury rehab, but the team received a heavy blow on Wednesday night when compatriot full-back Ellie Carpenter was sent off after a COVID-19 escape in his French club Lyon The duo are considered among the best in the world in their posts, and Gustavsson now faces big decisions on how to replace them

A veteran Sydney journalist’s threat to expose the brains behind an alleged million dollar tax evasion was made to blackmail them, a jury ruled When Stephen Barrett listed his 39 years of reporting for Channel 7, Channel 9 and ABC’s investigations in a meeting taped by police, it wasn’t just for journalistic purposes, Crown Attorney Patricia Mcdonald said in her opening speech

This year’s Roland Garros tennis tournament has been postponed for a week and will start on May 30 due to the COVID-19 pandemic The French Open, which last year was postponed for four months and took place in front of a limited crowd, was scheduled to debut this year on May 23

Western Australia advanced to the Marsh Cup final, comfortably seeing Tasmania in Perth and securing the bonus point needed to advance to Sunday’s final against NSWThe Warriors posted 307 and needed to keep Tasmania under 245 to put Queensland on the table

Tasmanian Liberal candidate and former mines minister Adam Brooks has been charged with firearms storage offenses Brooks left Parliament in early 2019 before recently announcing his intention to run for the North West Braddon seat in the May 1 poll.

Rioters set fire to a hijacked bus and threw petrol bombs at Belfast police on the fourth night of violence in a week in Northern Ireland, where Brexit upset a difficult political balanceYouths threw projectiles and petrol bombs at police Wednesday night in the protestant Shankill Road area, as rioters threw objects back and forth over the concrete “peace wall” separating Shankill Road from a neighboring Irish nationalist zone

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