Meghan McCain PLUS committee on Monday called Anthony FauciAnthony FauciFauci: US Political divide over masks led to half a million deaths from COVID-19 North Dakota house passes bill banning compulsory mask wearing Debate heats up on vaccinating more people with a single dose MORE, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, to be fired, blaming him for inconsistent messages “regarding the distribution of coronavirus vaccines

“The fact that Dr. FauciAnthony FauciFauci: US political division over masks has led to half a million deaths from COVID-19 The North Dakota house passes a bill banning the wearing of compulsory masks The debate is heating up over vaccinating more people with just one PLUS dose is going on on CNN and it can’t tell me if I’m getting the vaccine I’ll be able to have dinner with my family, ”Mr. McCain, co-host of “The View”, on Monday, as reported by Mediaite “It’s a terribly incoherent message”

Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, calls Dr Fauci will be replaced by someone who “maybe understands the science” PhotoTwittercom / 9pIriLu2Uq

The co-host continued to contrast the US unfavorably with Israel, which reportedly administered the first dose of the vaccine to around half of the population

“I think we need to have more people giving more opinions, and honestly, quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should take it down and put someone else in place who maybe understands be science or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these successful places, ”she says

“The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of ‘The View,’ don’t know when or how I will be able to get vaccinated because the rollout for my age group and my health is so nebulous, I don’t ‘have no idea when and how I get it, ”she added

McCain Co-host Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi GoldbergMeghan McCain Asks Biden To Take Fauci McCarthyism Out Of Hollywood Again? Whoopi Goldberg wears ‘my vice president’ jersey the day after the inauguration PLUS pushed back noting the difference between populations in the US and Israel and stressing that people vaccinated do not necessarily mean an immediate return to normalcy

“You could probably get your pic, but you’re going to go out and be surrounded by people who haven’t had their photo, and they don’t yet know if – how protected you’ll be,” Goldberg mentioned. is all we’ll know when the science makes sense, or we could just make them say, yes, and then we’ll put them on the other side when it’s wrong “

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