Over the past year, various shortages have arisen due to the pandemic Items ranging from toilet paper to aluminum cans have all experienced brief (or not so brief) periods when demand exceeded the offer

Ketchup packet prices have risen 13% since January 2020, according to data from Plate IQ, a foodservice industry technology platform, as The Wall Street Journal reports A Shortage of the Favorite Condiment from the United States is the latest to hit the restaurant industry amid increased demand for take-out amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, shared items (like ketchup bottles) have largely been removed from restaurants Instead, single-use items have taken their place, meaning demand for ketchup packets has seen a significant increase

As is often the case, it seems that some people are trying to take advantage of the situation Although they normally seem worthless (since many restaurants just give them away), lists of ketchup packages have appeared. on eBay

Lists vary in quantity, but one batch of 50 ketchup bags recently sold for $ 9.99 Another listing for 100 packs sold for $ 11.99

Fox News previously reported that Taco Bell hot sauce pouches were enjoying unprecedented demand on eBay, with some ads asking for large sums Many listings sell large batches of sauce sachets (often containing between 50 and 100 sachets), but some only offer single sachets at high prices.

Ketchup Shortage

World News – US – Packets of Ketchup Sold on eBay Due to Shortage

Source: https://www.fox13news.com/news/ketchup-packets-being-sold-on-ebay-due-to-shortage