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BASKING RIDGE, NJ – Verizon Business today announced that the Phoenix Suns are using Verizon’s BlueJeans to deliver a “Second Screen” experience that gives fans a new, safe and interactive way to watch and interact with their team and their favorite brands across the NBA As part of a broader, long-term strategic relationship with Verizon to drive sports innovation through the use of 5G, technology and analytics, Phoenix Suns and Verizon bring combined expertise to set new bar for professional sports

“There is a lot that we learned through the challenges of the last year, our fans love basketball and they always love to watch We also learned that they miss and want to interact with the Suns in a more intimate way, ”said Dan Costello, Phoenix Suns Director of Revenue & SVP, Business Innovation“ Products like BlueJeans allow us to give behind-the-scenes looks, interact with personalities on our team and to allow fans to engage with us in a more intimate way than on social media or just watch a game on TV, “Costello continued

After a several-month hiatus in the 2020 National Basketball Association (NBA) season due to COVID-19, the Phoenix Suns returned to the field last summer with no fans in the stands Playing in a “bubble” that the NBA had created at Walt Disney World in Orlando to restart the season meant the team had to quickly find innovative ways to engage its fan base and retain its members.

To complement the Suns’ live broadcast of the game, using BlueJeans Events, the Suns provided fans with additional streaming video content that they could interact with in real time using polls, interactions chat, “hand-lift” and other platform features during games, including interviews with legends and NBA insiders, contests and promotions for the Suns and its partner brands. personalized contacts are only becoming more and more creative and frequent today

“What BlueJeans does to help us create bespoke things is wonderful, it’s a bespoke experience for our organization and, more importantly, for our fans,” said Costello

For the Suns, this next wave of sports innovation is about creating frictionless transitions for fans, both in the physical and virtual worlds, in order to develop better relationships with them and strengthen their loyalty, this which is already bearing fruit While in the past online interactions with fans were largely passive, BlueJeans Events has enabled the Suns organization to be more proactive, discovering new ways to engage fans by connecting with followers in two-way digital conversations, such as VIP lessons with the Suns ‘personal trainer

“Our fans, and our brand, thrive in this digital world and the partners we are aligned with, from an innovation standpoint, come to us to help us meet our fans where they are, which happens to be strongly in these digital spaces, ”said Costello“ Our fans come to the games with digital tickets, using digital payments, and our vision is that they interact with us digitally throughout the game. For us, all this leads to this territory of innovation where we want to be at the center of it with our partners “

According to the Suns, around 95% of its fans have never had the opportunity to watch a game in person These specialized virtual experiences on BlueJeans offer a great way to bring these fans closer to the game, fostering the affinity of team and brand advocates in the future

“The way we interact with our favorite brands and businesses has reached an inflection point this year, with marketers taking note and hopefully taking action,” said Krish Ramakrishnan, Chief Strategy Officer and products at BlueJeans by Verizon “As the Phoenix Suns’ preferred video conferencing provider, we look forward to helping them find even more new ways to apply the power of video to expand their communications efforts, open new sources revenue and build meaningful relationships with their fans and partners”

This is just the first of many ways the Phoenix Suns plan to use digital technology to connect with a new generation of sports fans To learn more about the Suns second screen live, visit: Sunscom

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