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Betting line: Suns give 6 points on the road The silver line is Clips -240

If you’re anything like me, you’ve still got a hangover from the thrill of last night’s classic Suns-Jazz, with memories of Deandre Ayton fighting Rudy Gobert, the late clutch buckets of Chris Paul and Devin Booker , and the overall resilience and adaptability of the suns lingering in your head after you’ve had a few cups of coffee before working out this morning

But there’s still work to be done With the win, the Suns moved in one game through Utah’s losing streak for the Western Conference seed and the top seed of the playoffs It’s so close, but it doesn’t matter if the Suns can claim the No. 1 seed at the end of the season. Games like this against Los Angeles will matter immensely in this battle

No matter how you felt during last night’s epic against Utah, you had to be a little more confident to exit The Suns won’t get the benefit of the doubt like the Lakers, Heat do. or even the Nuggets, because they’ve never been there before As Kellan Olson recently wrote to Arizona Sports, the Suns would be among the youngest groups to ever make a playoff run, if they actually managed to do so. In the meantime, big wins like the one over Utah (and ideally another against the Clippers tonight) prove the Suns’ legitimacy

Thankfully Los Angeles is another team the Suns have played well against in the past They don’t quite have a Booker plug as they have been reluctant to put Leonard on him in the regular season and George is not as strong as you would like for someone guarding Booker The last time these teams met in January things got very hectic and the Clips won by five in the Suns building

This game saw George depart for 39 years as part of his early season blast, which perhaps brings us to the biggest key to the game tonight for Phoenix though they did experience some Bridges Wednesday, it won’t be that easy against the Clippers To contain the wings of the Los Angeles stars, the Suns will need Bridges to stay on the pitch and be at their best

If they can get a better night from him, another two-way contribution from Cameron Johnson, and more game-winning games from Crowder, they should be able to win their eighth in a row

Some things will be different from the last time the Clippers faced the Suns, mainly in terms of staff and rotation for LA The team still can’t decide on a role for Luke Kennard, well that it is likely to trigger on any given night and that it is playing at least now Then there’s Rajon Rondo, acquired from Atlanta on the deadline, who should stabilize the Clippers’ attack when the stars need a break. And more recently LA signed DeMarcus Cousins, who may or may not help them win games but is a microwave goalscorer who can mess around and get 30.But most importantly for the Clippers, George is healthy again. and comes out of a 36-point explosion against Portland earlier this week

After last night’s game, Paul told media the Suns needed a big game where everyone played heavy minutes and got kicked in the mouth Utah gave them

If they want to have another one tonight in Los Angeles, it probably looks like something like George and Leonard simultaneously triggering and igniting the Clippers’ attack in a shootout-type game. The Suns beat the Jazz by turning the game into a slugfest Can they do that against a healthy, moving Clippers team that have won eight of their last ten?

What is the fun of predicting loss? Despite just seeing a George / Leonard bomb go off against the Trail Blazers, I’m still convinced the Suns can do better in Los Angeles tonight. Missing Ibaka could hamper the Clips’ ability to spread the suns, and I don’t think they’re comfortable with Morris in the middle

That, added to what should be another aggressive Paul and Booker night, makes me feel good about the Suns ‘IQ and role players able to outdo the Clippers’ side pieces.

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World News – US – Preview: Suns Closing On No 1 Seed, Face Clips in LA Back to Back

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