Spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 139 have been released, but based on community reaction, it looks like the fandom is disappointed with how the manga series ended

It’s a historic week for Attack on Titan fans with the latest chapter of the manga series released worldwide

The chapter may not be available worldwide yet, but spoilers and chapter summaries are

Unfortunately, it looks like the Attack on Titan community is disappointed with how the series ended; Let’s take a look at some fan reactions in Chapter 139!

SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Attack on Titan Chapter 139 You can read a full list of leaked spoilers here

I very much doubt that any particular Attack on Titan ending has satisfied the whole community – there are always people going to complain after all

However, there was an obviously mixed reaction to the last chapter of the manga series. Some fans praised Chapter 139, some criticized it as unsatisfactory, and others expressed their thanks for experiencing a also iconic series firsthand

On the one hand, many fans express their gratitude and satisfaction with the conclusion of the AOT manga

Attack on Titan chapter 139 was an absolute masterclass Isayama didn’t disappoint Attack on Titan is the greatest complete series I’ve ever read Shingeki no Kyojin, is a 10 masterpiece / 10 Eren the 🐐 picTwittercom / UDFcgn4HFT

However, countless fans are sharing their disappointment with the ending on social media, saying they feel disappointed and unsatisfied with the way Erens’ story has unfolded.

Popular YouTuber and fan favorite anime commentator “ForneverWorld” probably summed it up in the clearest and most decisive way

“I would be lying if I said it made me feel good It was like Eren died for nothing Fam, I’ll be honest with you, I’m disappointed ”- ForneverWorld

ForneverWorld goes on to say: “There have been good times in there and my bleeding right now for Mikasa To see her over there on the grave, it destroys me, like that over there there is drugs, it’s sad and it’s good for his arc character “

However, like many of us longtime fans of the show, he adds, “I don’t care how it ends with basically everything Eren did was for nothing. I feel like we’ve been slapped to some extent “

Me after reading Attack on Titan Chapter 139: # AttackOnTitan139 #AttackOnTitan # aot139spoilers picTwittercom / Oj6ztkSQMO

Brother, I hate what I want to go back to when the attack on the titans was actually attacking the titansTwittercom / oPQSRTEq5y

While it is a shame that the community was divided by chapter 139, it has still been an amazing race and we should thank Hajime Isayama for his work in building this world that we have all been indulging in for ages. years

8 years ago, I was captivated and intrigued by the story of Isayama (AOT), and 8 years later, Attack on Titan finally released its final chapter (Chapter 139) I Am Disbelieving, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to read such an amazing and influential story! #ThankYouIsayama picTwittercom / uYInaQ0wWz

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