The Detroit Free Press headline of March 15, 1974 – almost 47 years ago – was straightforward: “Stevie Wonder Plans to Move to Africa” ​​

The iconic Motown star, who had recently traced his ancestral roots and was launching into the album that became “Songs in the Key of Life”, would continue to speak about his love for Ghana in interviews and press conferences over the decades he has spoken often of his goal of settling in the West African nation – although he never pulled the trigger, instead staying in Los Angeles

So why have Wonder’s aspirations in Ghana suddenly grab the headlines in recent days?

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Since Friday, a host of US entertainment and news sites have posted articles about Wonder and a planned move to Ghana Like others, CNN’s Monday morning article was adamant: “Singer Stevie Wonder moves to Ghana “

The recent wave of attention appears to have been spawned on Twitter last week, via a Ghanaian tech manager who pulled a clip of four-month-old Winfrey’s interview with Wonder for Apple TV

There the great music told Winfrey of his intention to move to Ghana When asked why, he alluded to the state of race and politics in America: “I don’t want to not that my children’s children have to say, ‘Oh, please love me, respect me, know I’m important, please appreciate me’ What kind of (expletive) is -this? “

The clip caught the attention of other Twitter users across Africa and was boosted on Friday by Punch, a Nigerian newspaper. Social media buzz spread on the radar of showbiz journalists in the United States, and the world of digital information has run out of steam

Is it possible that the Ghanaian outlook has accelerated for Wonder this year? Sure In an interview with the Free Press in August, which is part of the USA TODAY network, he spoke of his hopes in Ghana and even noted that he had been talking about it since the 1970s.

He added to the Free Press that the Ghanaian president “allowed me to have land”

He also brought up the topic at a virtual press event in November with music journalists from around the world, as he unveiled new music and his departure from Motown Records

This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana? Not so fast

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Post-mortem party says more awareness of non-voters needed after predicted blue wave fails to materialize in 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden supporter braces for Ridin event ‘With Biden in October 2020, in Plano, Texas Photograph: LM Otero / AP Sign up for The Guardian’s First Thing newsletter Voting efforts hampered by the coronavirus pandemic and an 11-hour voter registration wave for Republicans well-funded have thwarted a blue wave’s ambitions in Texas during the 2020 Election, according to a new post-mortem State Democrats shared with the Guardian “The majority of Texans, if they were in the polls, would vote Democrats The problem is Republicans have a higher probability of running, ”said Hudson Cavanagh, director of data science for the Texas Democratic Party, author of the post-election report Texas generated an outsized buzz last year as an increase in early voting left much of the country wondering if its 38 electoral college votes were finally up for grabs Yet former President Donald Trump has consistently triumphed by more than a five-point margin – a much tighter presidential race than any in recent years, but one that has strengthened Republicans as the dominant party in the state. Now Democrats are blaming last fall’s defeat primarily on programmatic difficulties, which allowed Republicans to defeat them in the “Texas is still the next frontier” exit operations, said Abhi Rahman, director of communications for texas democrats Despite a record turnout in 2020, Texas ranked 44th out of 50 states in terms of ballots counted as a proportion of the total population eligible to vote, according to the United States Elections Project The high turnout of Asian voters marked “a major shift,” but even so, “the electorate was whiter than expected,” Cavanagh noted in his analysis. Latinos – who are seen as a key demographic in moving Texas to the left – have also eclipsed turnout projections.But Latino Republicans voted at a higher rate than Latino Democrats, and that differential turnout created a largely false impression that Democrats were losing ground with one of their most crucial blocs, too often lumped together in a monolith One exception was the Rio Grande Valley, a quintessentially Democratic stronghold where Latinos actually climbed more towards Trump at the top of the ticket. As “Latino voters continue to strongly support Democrats,” the party must “strengthen Latin American voices at the polls,” Cavanagh writes in his report In addition to Texas’ reputation as a voter suppression state – based on voter identification requirements, a difficult registration process, restrictions on mail-in ballots and others obstacles – Covid-19 added another obstacle for Texas voters in 2020 Polling stations were closed due to infected workers, while long lines of voters who were not required to wear masks threatened to ‘being exposed to the virus “It took a lot of courage for a lot of these Democrats to realize the risk that, you know, they put themselves up to vote,” Cavanagh told The Guardian “I’m incredibly proud of the people who have made, frankly ‘Amid the public health crisis, Democrats in Texas have decided not to knock on doors for a face-to-face voter engagement because’ even a life lost is too many, “Cavanagh said Republicans, on the other hand, connected with eligible voters in person, a clear advantage in one of the few states where residents still can’t register to vote online in the last few months leading up to the election, a gargantuan push by Republicans to register new voters wiped out the progressive advantage Democrats had gained for years, especially as nearly all of those new Republican registrations turned into net votes “Their drive to put people at risk to win the election, you know, made it really hard for us to keep up,” Cavanagh said As Democrats turned to virtual registration campaigns and phone banking, they spent too much time talking with reliable party members who would have voted regardless Likewise, the lack of contact information for young Texans and rural people – as well as people of color – and the inability to web made it difficult to connect with voters who were less likely to show up. Estimates indicate that there are still more than 2 million solid Democratic unregistered voters in the state, and Cavanagh said the party needs to focus on registering them and then building relationships so that they go to the polls “We know this is how Democrats win across this country,” he said. “We look people in the eye, we tell them our values, we tell them what we believe in, and so on. this is how we inspire people to become actors”

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