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The last time these teams met there were no fans in the stands and Draymond Green got kicked Today there will be fans because there is no stop the money train I think we can all agree change is not good So one thing at a time You have your stupid fans, now please kick Draymond

If the Knicks manage to secure this win they will have swept the season streak and started a new winning streak Nothing would make me happier I mean everyone staying home as much as possible until that they can get vaccinated would make me happier But when life gives you lemons, squeeze its neck

The Warriors played without Steph Curry on Saturday in Charlotte because he had had a whirlwind of tickling just before the game; word is it not related to COVID COVID will likely be in the building even though Curry is not the one carrying it Today he is considered doubtful and I guess even though he has had severe food poisoning , three days later, you’re probably ready to take a light jog and splash a few buckets Elfrid Payton will go bankrupt

It is possible that James Wiseman is not playing, he suffered a wrist injury, but I slyly suspect he will be ready to roll The (limited) Madison Square Garden experience could be a formative experience for the youngster and I would bet that it is not lost on the warriors

If Wiseman does end up playing, the Knicks had better see if they can push him to be a shooter and a goalscorer The best gift this kid ever had in his basketball life was brilliant teammates like Steph Curry and Draymond Green, so they won’t let him swim too far from shore, but every dog ​​paddling deeper should be counted as an increase in success. either way Conversely they will want to fend off Wiseman when he attacks the glass Because he gives the Warriors a chance to fight on the boards based purely on athleticism and size

If he’s not playing put on your running shoes as the Warriors will play a small ball It’s like they’ve picked up Don Nelson The extra shot will open up the center of the field for one of the most dangerous scorers of the game

Check out these Dream Teamers Patrick Ewing, arguably the best Knicks player to ever wear and Queens legend Chris Mullin This game is legendary to me and the Knicks and Warriors are minds of many At least respects where I’m sitting they are

Growing up, it was Tim Hardaway and Run TMC who electrified my young basketball brain Mullin couldn’t run or jump, but damn he could shoot and pass with the most powerful of them The Warriors Have saw desperation cripple itself with confusing trades Everyone hates the owner, even booing him during Mullin’s jersey removal

Of course the Warriors were hard to catch on TV for my little one There was no Championship Pass and they weren’t part of every triple header I had to rely on my main man , Ahmad Rashad, much more than today’s kids Meanwhile, I was from New York and MSG had all the Knicks games! Oh and the Knicks were fantastic! Always kept the energy of the underdogs Now as we get closer to something I’m starting to feel the rush of the fight again, that electricity in the air It’s coming soon As long as the Knicks don’t rush into something stupid, they might even be able to build something like Golden State someday

With your support and patience, everything will be fine Maybe Charles Oakley will come back and apologize for booing James Dolan one day Someday Let me dream, team

Warriors vs Knicks

World News – USA – Game Preview: Knicks vs Warriors, 02/23/2021

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