“It was just the right amount of awful that I wanted to turn away from his purple, bleeding face, but I couldn’t. The whole scene was so well done. They really reminded us of how absolutely awful he was right up until he died.”

“Such an amazing ending to one of the most badass villains, and the fact Hector played a part in it was so satisfying to watch.”

“I literally screamed with delight when Tio Salamanca blew his face off with the bomb detonated by the bell on his wheelchair!!! Nothing will ever be that well-played or as satisfying!”

“I hated his character so much that I am actually getting pissed just typing this, but when he was killed I got up and did a touchdown dance.”

“He murdered an army while they slept even though they were sent there to protect him. And I will never forgive him for executing Lincoln. It was so satisfying when Octavia killed him and got her revenge!”

“Right before she died, we saw that she never loved her adopted daughter, Lila. She had only kept her around for her powers, and was ready to kill her when she was no longer useful. The Handler manipulated everyone in her life to get ahead and gain power. Oh, and not to mention that she killed countless innocent people without regret.”

“He was a fantastic villain because he was just so purely evil, and it was so satisfying to see Jessica finally break free of him and win.”

“I know it was kind of cheesy, but it was also so satisfying when that helicopter crashed on him. He was the worst.”

“I hated him and after all the crap he did, it was so satisfying to see him finally get killed.”

“He was the absolute WORST. I hate to say it but I was so happy when he got what he deserved.”

“She had it coming for so long and it was all the more satisfying that Rosa was the one to do it.”

“I was SCREAMING for Vanya when she finally ended that asshole. I had NO remorse for him. None.”

“He was so smug up until Sansa said his name and then him on his knees and begging. Then Arya just walked up and slit his throat…it was all fantastic.”

“It came completely out of nowhere and when it finally sinks in what’s happening you are just so damn happy he won’t be around to manipulate anyone anymore.”

“Joffrey was horrible but Ramsay was a whole new level of bad. He tortured Theon and Sansa among others, and I’ll never not smile watching his death scene, especially when it was Sansa who delivered it.”

“She was so evil and seeing Dan shoot her not once, but twice was very satisfying. I was so happy that she was gone and couldn’t ruin the Scott family’s lives anymore!”

“He was such a creep, to put it very mildly. The way that Lana Winters took him out was so satisfying.”

“She was such an incredible character in Sons of Anarchy, but absolutely no death in the entire series was more satisfying than hers. She earned every bit of what she got and more.”

“As soon I saw Arya, I physically jumped on my couch and broke the frame. I wished it was Jon who held the dagger, but she was an excellent substitute.”

“He was a serial torturer and it was so satisfying to see him finally get what he deserved.”

“After all Jesse Pinkman had been through, watching him strangle Todd to death was so satisfying.”

“It was one of the best villain deaths, especially since Todd wasn’t expecting it. Awesomeness all around.”

“Stahl was the WORST. Seeing her fear crack through her tough exterior to reveal a sniveling puddle of tears was sooooo satisfying.”

“When he was killed and sentenced to an eternity of torment and pain it seemed like an adequate punishment for someone who occupied and ravaged a planet, sold his own people and planet out to similar oppressors, and tormented good people for no reason.”

“He had tons of opportunities to choose to be a better man, too. And squandered all of them!”

“You never get to know if it’s mercy or revenge that’s Brianna’s motivation, but the fact that she gets to make that choice was extremely powerful.”

“Plus the fact that Margot got to help mastermind it all and actually do it made it all the better.”

“It felt like such a relief. I had to cheer because not only was it unexpected from such a delicate character, but she did it in the name of Francis. This was something that the Mary at the beginning of the show would not have done. It showed her growth as a fearless leader and it brought justice to Francis’ murder. A cheerful sight indeed.”

“I literally CHEERED when this happened. Snyder was the absolute worst. He was so mean to Buffy despite the fact that she literally kept her classmates alive, and he always turned a blind eye to the actual bad guys. Seeing him get eaten by The Mayor was a highlight of the Season 3 finale.”

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